How to Pick the Perfect Paint Color

Choosing a paint color can be tooootally overwhelming. I mean, there are 4,563,109 choices out there (I checked) and the right one will look SO GOOD and the wrong ones will look SOOOO WRONG. But why, you ask? How can a super subtle difference between paint colors make such a huge impact on a room? What if I pick a color that looks awesome on a swatch but terrible on my walls?

It happens, folks. And it usually happens because what you’re attracted to on a small paint swatch isn’t what makes for a good wall color. Surprise!

There are a lot of useful (and obvious) tips out there for choosing paint colors, but I think #3 in this video is gonna be a game changer.

Here’s how to pick the perfect paint color:


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My Eclectic Living Room Makeover – After

An eclectic and colorful living room design by Waco TX interior stylist @lesleymyrick

Drumroll please…my eclectic living room makeover is complete! Remember what this room looked like before? (Hint: PEACH.)

Lesley Myrick - Interior Designer - Living Room Before Photo Before and after of an eclectic and colorful living room in Waco, Texas

Yeahhhhh. We’ve come a long way, baby. I’m psyched to show you around! To kick off my new YouTube channel, here’s a little video tour of the space:

And some more photos, if you’d like to see. A lot of the major furniture pieces are from my California apartment, but we’ve spiced things up with some new pieces this time around since we have DOUBLE. THE. SPACE. (Central Texas for the win!) Scroll through to the end for links to sources.

An eclectic and colorful living room design by Waco TX interior stylist @lesleymyrick An eclectic and colorful living room design by Waco TX interior stylist @lesleymyrick An eclectic and colorful living room design by Waco TX interior stylist @lesleymyrick An eclectic and colorful living room design by Waco TX interior stylist @lesleymyrick An eclectic and colorful living room design by Waco TX interior stylist @lesleymyrick An eclectic and colorful living room design by Waco TX interior stylist @lesleymyrick An eclectic and colorful living room design by Waco TX interior stylist @lesleymyrick An eclectic and colorful living room design by Waco TX interior stylist @lesleymyrick An eclectic and colorful living room design by Waco TX interior stylist @lesleymyrick

Here’s where to get the goods. Current sources are linked. If I’ve missed anything that you’d like to know the source of, just ask and I’ll help you out.

Sofa: Custom “Natalie” from The Sofa Company | Sofa Pillows: Custom + Thrifted | Wing Chairs: IKEA | Pillow on Wing Chair: Lamps Plus | Sheepskin on Wing Chair: IKEA | Coffee Table: Custom | Accent Table: Lamps Plus | Yellow Floor Pouf: Target | Rug: IKEA | Teal Glass Table Lamp: Target | Teal Glass Lamp Shade: Custom | Industrial Table Lamp: Kirklands | Floor Lamp: IKEA | Paint: c/o Sherwin Williams (color is SW6149 Relaxed Khaki) | Bowl on Coffee Table: Target | Candle on Coffee Table: Target | Jacks on Coffee Table: Similar at Target | Bar: Thrifted | Mirror Above Bar: World Market | “Bar” Sign: Kohl’s | Metal Tin on Bar: World Market | Globe: Target

Now that the living room is done (hallelujah!) the next space we’re tackling is the foyer. You may have caught a little sneak peek above. I can’t wait to show you the rad DIY project that turned some pretty ugly vintage wallpaper into something awesome. There’s lots more of my home makeover to come, so if you’re not already subscribed you can do so here (and get my free e-book too).

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Fall 2015 Home Decor Picks

Fall 2015 home decor trends - picks from interior stylist @lesleymyrick

You heard it here first, folks. Wasabi, coral, brass, and animal print is a hot combo for fall. (Or any time, really.)

I started this post looking to my favorite design sources for rust, plaid, and other beautifully cliched “fall” things. But you know what? A home that feels too seasonal sucks once the next season hits. Who wants to sit on a dark plaid sofa in the middle of summer? I say buy what you love, regardless of season. If plaid’s your thing, go and rock it. If plaid is only your thing during Pumpkin Spice Latte season (PSL ALWAYS AND FORVER) then maybe skip it all together, or add some plaid in an inexpensive way. I’m a big fan of decorative candles and trays for this purpose.

Go forth and shop my top fall 2015 home decor picks. These aren’t affiliate links; just brands I really dig.

Copper Candelabra | Harvey Seaweeds 10 Framed Art | Coral and Gold Leaf Quatrefoil Lamp | Kelim Pillow | Mali Ava Office Chair | Wasabi Velvet Band Pillow | Python X Stool | Precision Occasional Table

Want to see more of my favorite pieces from each season – stuff I would actually buy for myself and for my clients? Here are my summer picks and you can browse the interior styling archives for oodles of design inspiration.

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My Texas Living Room Makeover – Before

Lesley Myrick's Texas living room makeover - "before" photos | @lesleymyrick Interior Stylist + Art Director

We’re making major decorating progress on our new home, and it’s time to share my Texas living room makeover – or at least, the “before” photos.

FYI – “before” photos are totally code for “set your expectations low, people”. So yeah. Do that.

Since I haven’t shared the backstory of how we bought this home, I’ll give you the super quick version. We were pre-approved for a mortgage earlier this year, but that fell through. (Banks don’t like when you decide to be self-employed at the same time you’re applying for a mortgage.) So we decided to rent. We almost pulled the trigger on a rental, but both my husband and I got a funny feeling before we submitted the online application so we held off. We were able to work with a local Texas bank to get a mortgage in order (yay!) so Nate booked a 2-day trip to Waco to find us a house exactly 30 DAYS BEFORE WE HAD TO MOVE.

Are you following this? We had 2 days to find a house, make an offer, have that offer accepted, and have the seller agree to close in 30 days. And I wasn’t even going to get to see any of the houses in person. THE DESIGNER WASN’T EVEN GOING TO GET TO SEE THE HOUSE BEFORE WE BOUGHT IT. I was trusting Nate to make a pretty freaking big decision for us. And fast.

Let me say that God was totally on our side during this process. Because there’s no logical way that this should have worked out. I know enough people navigating the housing market and what we did is practically unheard of. Who the hell finds the perfect house in one day (it literally had everything on our “Want List” besides a fireplace), has their offer accepted after one very reasonable counter-offer and is moving in 30 days later? Thank you God. Seriously.

And obviously I have the best husband in the world, because he found a winner. It was the second house he looked at, and he knew right away that this was meant to be our home. It’s beautiful and has great bones and an awesome layout and I couldn’t be happier. I walked in for the first time on our closing day and cried. (Nicely done, Nate.)

Sidenote: Waco is INSANELY AFFORDABLE. If anyone from LA is reading, just get out now and move to Texas. I promise you’ll be happy here and you can live in a freaking palace for what you’re paying for a tiny apartment in WeHo. Or you can buy, like, five houses in Texas for what one bungalow in my Pasadena neighborhood cost. Let’s be neighbors, okay?

Alrighty, onto the good stuff. Here’s the house – specifically, the living room.

Let’s start with a terrible quality photo from the home’s Zillow listing:

Lesley Myrick's Texas living room makeover - "before" photos | @lesleymyrick Interior Stylist + Art Director

GOOD LORD AVERT YOUR EYES. The previous homeowner was a sweet Southern gentleman, but clearly had no taste. That peachy terra cotta wall color still haunts me. But I could make sweet sweet design love to those super tall floor length windows, crown molding, and the exposed brick half-wall. (Good bones, right? I’ve trained my husband well to spot these things.)

Here’s a look at the living room on the day we moved in:

Lesley Myrick's Texas living room makeover - "before" photos | @lesleymyrick Interior Stylist + Art Director

Lesley Myrick's Texas living room makeover - "before" photos | @lesleymyrick Interior Stylist + Art DirectorAah. That’s already better. Move that dated furniture out of the way and you can see those good bones that I can totally work with. A new paint color is going to transform this space, and I’m psyched to be partnering with Sherwin Williams on this living room makeover. (Can you guess which of these three colors we chose? Hint: here’s one of the walls now.)

Thanks for following along with my Texas home makeover. We’re updating pretty much the whole house in the coming months, so I’ve got lots of great stuff to share with you! (Wait until you see the wallpaper in the kitchen. Egads.)

Also – if you haven’t gotten your FREE copy of my e-book: 5 Tips to Design a Clean and Colorful Living Room That Totally Kicks Ass, you can do so right here. Happy decorating, y’all.

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10 Best Chandeliers

Oh, hey there chandelier. You sexy thing. You’re like a gigantic engagement ring that stops people in their tracks to say “HOLY CRAP THAT THING IS GORRRRGEOUS OMG YOU MUST BE SO HAPPY TOGETHER!”

I think what I’m saying is that a chandelier is like the jewelry in a room. It’s the bling, it’s the “wow”, it’s the special touch that pulls everything together. It’s gonna be with you for a while. And hot damn, it had better be sexy.

Here are the 10 best chandeliers for any budget, from $69 to $3900. No matter what you can afford, I’ve got your back.

Interior stylist Lesley Myrick's 10 best chandelier picks for any budget
  1. 1. Ikea BÖJA Pendant Lamp | 2. West Elm Capiz Orb Pendants | 3. Possini Euro Hemingson Pendant Light | 4. Schoolhouse Electric Factory Satellite | 5. Schoolhouse Electric Tangled Chandelier |  6. Possini Euro Felicity Pendant | 7. Kichler Colerne Island Chandelier (I’ve got the pendant version and I absolutely love it) | 8. AllModern Stollig | 9. Jonathan Adler Rio | 10. Arteriors Zanadoo

“Lesley’s Picks: 10 Best” are roundups of my favorite home products in a range of prices. Check out the complete “10 Best” archives here, and find more home decor and lighting I love on Pinterest. Happy chandelier shopping!


Design Inspiration: France

Paris France Teal Doors | Design Inspiration from @lesleymyrick

You guys.


Let’s just say for the whole week I was there I had the same gleeful look on my face as Carrie Bradshaw when she saw the Eiffel tower for the first time. I loved exploring a city with such character and history.

While we did do one of those cheesy “hop on hop off” tours to see some of the major tourist sites, we mostly spent our time touring the city with good friends who’ve lived in Paris for a couple of years. I much prefer experiencing a new place this way – living as the locals do. (This included a hilarious midnight adventure to an adult store called the Sexodrome, but that’s a story for another day.)

Eiffel Tower view from Seine River | Design Inspiration from @lesleymyrick

One thing I love about an old city like Paris is the mix of industrial iron, ornate stonework, and gilding. There are pops of gold all over the city which add a magical touch.

Also, can we talk about those oversize teal doors in the first photo? Giant, richly painted doors are everywhere. And the door hardware is so sexy and elaborate I can hardly stand it. It’s been decided – if you become a design client of mine, you’re getting a crazy awesome front door.

Interior Designer Lesley Myrick at the Eiffel Tower | Design Inspiration from @lesleymyrick

Arc de Triomphe | Design Inspiration from @lesleymyrickInstead of getting caught in the overcrowded tourist trap known as Versailles (although it is beautiful and I’d love to see it someday) we traveled about an hour north of Paris by train to visit Château de Pierrefonds, a 14th-century castle. To say that it was breathtaking is an understatement. My little head has a hard time wrapping around the idea that a building has been standing for nearly 800 years. That’s good design, my friends.

Chateau de Pierrefonds, France | Design Inspiration from @lesleymyrick Chateau de Pierrefonds, France | Design Inspiration from @lesleymyrick

Also, if you thought pattern mixing was a new concept, let me just show you some of the ballsy interior design at Château de Pierrefonds. The French are not afraid of making a design statement with color and pattern.

It’s hard to tell from the photo below, but the those striped little creatures on the blue-green wallpaper by the window are hedgehogs. HEDGEHOGS. (Sidenote: anyone know where I can find hedgehog-print wallpaper? Obviously I have to have it.)

Patterned Wallpaper at Chateau de Pierrefonds, France | Design Inspiration from @lesleymyrick Patterned Wallpaper at Chateau de Pierrefonds, France | Design Inspiration from @lesleymyrick

The Louvre was on my must-see list for the architecture. We didn’t go inside (because TOURISTS and the fact that seeing the Mona Lisa in person is incredibly underwhelming) but I love the juxtaposition of the modern glass pyramids with the centuries-old buildings. It reminds me of the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto with its modern ‘crystal’ addition.

The Louvre, France | Design Inspiration from @lesleymyrick The Louvre, France | Design Inspiration from @lesleymyrick The Louvre, France | Design Inspiration from @lesleymyrick Moulin Rouge, France | Design Inspiration from @lesleymyrick  Carousel, France | Design Inspiration from @lesleymyrick  Pierrefonds, France | Design Inspiration from @lesleymyrick View from Chateau de Pierrefonds, France | Design Inspiration from @lesleymyrick

Here’s a peek at the view from our 6th-floor flat overlooking Montmartre and the Sacré-Cœur. No big deal. Only the prettiest morning view I’ve ever enjoyed while eating croissants and pain au chocolat.

View of Montmartre and Sacre Coeur, Paris France | Design Inspiration from @lesleymyrick

I’m now back in the US, in our new home in Texas. (I don’t live in California anymore. Remember that time I moved halfway across the country right before a month-long international trip? Yeah, I’ve tried to block that stressful decision from my mind too.) The #myricktravels have ended for now, and it’s time to DECORATE ALL THE THINGS in the new house. We’ve more than doubled our square footage in the new home from our Pasadena apartment, so I’ve got my work cut out for me. In the best possible way.

Bye bye, France. Hello Texas. Let’s do this.

Design Inspiration: England

Oxford, England Covered Market flower shop | by @lesleymyrick #travelContinuing on the great #MyrickTravels of 2015, we’ve flown from Scotland to England. Although we did spend a couple of days in London, we were so tired from traveling that we did nothing in London. NOTHING. Unless you count getting a facial and watching ‘Bridesmaids’ on cable as something.

In Oxford, however, I spent many days wandering through streets and shops and generally being charmed by this lovely place. Of all of the stops on this trip so far – Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Oxford, and London – Oxford is the only place that I could see myself living in. Because anywhere that people use creepy doll heads as planter pots has to be good, right?

Baby head outdoor planters in Oxford, England | by @lesleymyrick #travelHere’s a look at some of my travels through Oxford, starting with the famed Christ Church Oxford (one of the many locations Harry Potter was filmed at).

Christ Church Memorial War Garden in Oxford, England | by @lesleymyrick #travel Christ Church in Oxford, England | by @lesleymyrick #travelOxford has an adorable covered market with cafes, restaurants, florists, and clothing shops. I savored a fresh scone with clotted cream and jam from a bakery at the market just about every afternoon. Shhh.

Covered Market flower shop in Oxford, England | by @lesleymyrick #travel Covered Market flower shop in Oxford, England | by @lesleymyrick #travel

Sweet shop in Oxford, England | by @lesleymyrick #travelThe architecture on Oxford’s High Street is an absolutely delicious mix of old and new, neutrals and color. I want to be friends with the dude who had the balls to paint his house bright pink in the middle of somewhat tame surroundings.

Painted shops on the Oxford High Street, England | by @lesleymyrick #travel Painted shops on the Oxford High Street, England | by @lesleymyrick #travel The Grand Cafe and painted shops on the Oxford High Street, England | by @lesleymyrick #travel

Unique houses on St Aldate's St in Oxford, England Painted shops on the Oxford High Street, England | by @lesleymyrick #travelAnd out in the English countryside it’s so charming I could barf. Weathered brick and English Ivy and bright red post boxes and wild lavender everywhere. I expected Hugh Grant to walk out at any moment.

English cottage in Cuddesdon, England | by @lesleymyrick #travel Rippon College Cuddesdon post box, England | by @lesleymyrick #travelHydrangeas in Oxford, England | by @lesleymyrick #travelWhile I do miss the beauty and character of Oxford, I’m writing this from a breezy top floor Parisian apartment overlooking the Sacré-Cœur while enjoying an assortment of Ladurée macarons, so don’t feel too sorry for me. Back next week with design inspiration from Paris!

Design Inspiration: Scotland

Gorgeous view of #Stonehaven Harbour in #Scotland by @lesleymyrickIf you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed a few photos from the stunningly beautiful country of Scotland. It’s been my dream to visit here – my mom was born and raised in Scotland – and let me tell you, the United Kingdom does not disappoint. Design inspiration is everywhere and I’m totally that tourist stopping every few minutes to photograph something.

The attention to detail in the architecture blows me away. Moldings, columns, mullions, and stonework has been crafted with such intricate care and appreciation for design. Plus, much of the old ironwork (like the studded door to Edinburgh castle, below) is totally badass despite being hundreds of years old. It’s clear how Scotland and England found their punk edge back in the 1960s.

Here are a few photos of Scotland, if you’d like to see, starting with the grand city of Edinburgh in the south.

Lesley Myrick at Edinburgh Castle Beautiful Edinburgh Scotland | by @lesleymyrick Edinburgh Castle from High Street | by @lesleymyrick Edinburgh Castle Chapel | by @lesleymyrick View of Edinburgh from Edinburgh Castle | by @lesleymyrick

After Edinburgh we travelled north by train along the east coast to Aberdeen.

Park in Aberdeen, Scotland | by @lesleymyrick William Wallace statue in Aberdeen, Scotland | by @lesleymyrickWhile up in the highlands we explored the rural countryside of Stonehaven, Laurencekirk, and beyond, thanks to our fantastic tour guides (aka. my extended family whom I’d never met and were absolutely delightful).

The two homes below are where my mom and Grannie grew up, respectively. It’s fascinating to connect with a family heritage that I’ve heard so much about but have never seen. (Also, that front door below is the perfect aqua-green and I MUST figure out what color it is and then PAINT ALL THE THINGS.)

Cottage at Mill of Kinkardine, Laurencekirk Scotland | by @lesleymyrick Rustic cottage in Scotland | by @lesleymyrick View from Fettercairn, Scotland | by @lesleymyrick

Sidenote: I am OBSESSED with flocks of sheep in the Scottish countryside. I find them hilarious and adorable. They just stand around being fluffy and cute and totally idyllic.

Sheep on a hillside in Scotland | by @lesleymyrick

While in the north of Scotland,  we visited the ruins of Dunnottar Castle. Let me tell you, the view from the castle does not suck.

Dunnottar Castle in Stonehaven, Scotland | by @lesleymyrick   Nate Myrick and Lesley Myrick at Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven Scotland | by @lesleymyrick Scottish thistles at Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven Scotland | by @lesleymyrick Scottish coastline in the highlands | by @lesleymyrick        Scottish coastline in Stonehaven | by @lesleymyrick

Gorgeous view of Stonhaven Harbour, Scotland | by @lesleymyrickIf I had to sum up Scotland in two words, they would be brown and green. Brown stone and green grass is just about all you’ll see! It makes the occasional pop of color that much more special though. Color is restrained and reserved in what seems to be a deep appreciation for the history and landscape of this breathtaking country.

Thanks for joining me on my journey! Next up on the great Myrick Adventure are Oxford, London, and Paris.

5 Tips to Design a Clean and Colorful Living Room

5 Tips to Design a Clean and Colorful Living Room from @lesleymyrick #interiordesign #livingroomEven though I LOVE color and pattern, I’m a big fan of interiors that feel clean, spacious, and uncluttered. (Physical clutter stresses me out. Seriously.) After posting this photo of my living room on Instagram recently I was asked to give some tips on how to achieve this clean look. What my followers want, my followers get! Here are my top 5 tips to design a clean and colorful living room.

5 Tips to Design a Clean and Colorful Living Room from @lesleymyrick #interiordesign #livingroom

1. Neutrals are your friend. Take away the sofa, pillows, and art from the photo above and you’ll see a lot of…neutrals. Light-toned flooring, beige walls, and reclaimed wood furniture form the foundation of the design. From there it’s easy to add in selected elements that bring personality.

2. Beige walls are where it’s at. I’m a fan of light-colored walls in a living room, unless you’re going for a super dramatic look like this glam living room I styled for 55 Downing Street. Straight-up white can look unfinished unless your walls have cool architectural detail like applied molding, or you live in Scandinavia. (Which I don’t.) I’m all about beige walls to add a little “oomph” that basic white can’t always bring. The right beige is not boring, people! I repeat: the RIGHT beige is not boring!

The walls in my Pasadena apartment were painted Sherwin Williams Relaxed Khaki, and I was freakin’ in love with it. So in love, actually, that I’m going to paint the living room walls in the new house the same color. It had just enough green in it to complement our teal sofa and make it look suh-weet, but wasn’t enough of a “color” to be distracting.

3. Black and white are awesome. I love the Ikea Stockholm rug (who doesn’t?) and it was the perfect anchor for the conversation area. The vintage hostess chair in the foreground is upholstered in a small-scale black and white houndstooth.

You might be thinking, “TWO black and white patterned things? Have you lost your MIND, woman? How is this going to feel clean and uncluttered?” It’s all about scale. The large scale of the rug pattern and the small scale of the chair pattern play well together. Contrast in size is key to layering pattern in a chic, not crazy way.

5 Tips to Design a Clean and Colorful Living Room from @lesleymyrick #interiordesign #livingroom

4. Make color intentional. A brightly-colored sofa might not be everyone’s choice, but it is definitely mine. I love this stupid thing so much I’ve named it – she’s Sophia the Baroness Von Teal – and I’m pretty sure I’d rescue her in a fire after my husband and kid were safe. I love color, but too much can make a room feel cluttered or juvenile. Don’t be afraid to make a selective statement with color. Whether it’s a sofa (I LOVE YOU BARONESS!) and a couple of accent pillows, an oversize piece of art, or a rug, be intentional when including color you love and make it the centerpiece of your living room.

5. Include lots of fur. And white. And metallics. When in doubt and you’re trying to get a designer look, throw a sheepskin on something. The Ikea Rens sheepskin is just $30 and I have a bunch all over my house. And I include one in just about every design project I do. Because they’re awesome. A fuzzy white sheepskin draped over the back of a chair or layered on top of an area rug brings texture and interest without being distracting (it’s more of that good neutral stuff). Plus, fur makes you look super fancy.

White and metallic accents also bring texture to a space, but their unobtrusiveness feels clean and welcoming. See the white succulent pot and hammered brass tray on coffee table? You probably didn’t even notice them. AND THAT’S THE POINT. They just help create an overall feeling of awesome in the room.

5 Tips to Design a Clean and Colorful Living Room from @lesleymyrick #interiordesign #livingroom

There you go! My 5 tips to design a clean and colorful living room. Thanks to all the thoughtful peeps leaving Instagram comments and questions – I love hearing what you have to say and will happily answer your burning design questions! If you’re not already following Lesley Myrick Art + Design on Instagram, I’d love for you to come join me. I blog here about once a week, but Instagram is totally my jam and I’m posting new stuff there daily. (And with my upcoming trip to England, Scotland, and France, you can expect some awesome design inspiration from across the pond.)

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New House + New Video

Hello from Waco, Texas! The great #MyrickMove has happened and I’m getting settled in my new home – and new home office.

I have an office! With a desk! A desk that’s not squeezed into my bedroom!

We’re unpacked, we’ve bought all the boring-but-essential stuff (lawnmower, I’m talkin’ to you), and now it’s time to get on with the fun – decorating.

We’ll be painting the living room and office this week, and it’s official – choosing paint colors for my own home is THE FUNNEST. Having never owned a home before I’ve either not painted or only painted walls a light color that’s easy to cover, but now, IT’S ON.

Chartreuse ceiling, anyone? (Oh yes. It’s happening.)

Stay tuned on the blog and Instagram for some peeks at the design updates to our sweet little 1950s bungalow. In the meantime, check out this awesome video that the beautiful Erica Marr Films created for Lesley Myrick Art + Design. If you’re curious about my interior design philosophy and how I work, you’ll dig it. And if you’ve been considering hiring me for a design project, this will give you a better sense of what I’m all about and if we’d be a good fit. (You like teal hair? Me too!)