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Keep it Simple: Useful and Beautiful Are All You Need

As the home columnist for Wacoan magazine, I’m psyched to share my insights and ideas about interior design and home decor each month. Here’s an excerpt from my current column, “Keep it Simple: Useful and Beautiful Are All You Need”. Read the full article over at, and check out the full article archive here. Physical clutter stresses me out. Piles… Read more »

Lesley’s Picks: 10 Best Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware is one thing that frequently gets neglected when finishing a room. Whether it’s adding hardware to your existing kitchen cabinets or switching out the knobs on your grandmother’s heirloom dresser, changing the hardware in your home is an easy way to make an impact. From the Anthropologie Ocean Crater knob I recently sourced for my… Read more »

Design Obsession: Dark Walls

White walls are great, and certainly have their place (including in my home office). But dark walls? Dark walls really get my design mojo going. Black is a little too intense for me; I gravitate towards deep shades of royal blue, peacock, and hunter green. I love deep blue-green walls paired with fuchsia and violet. The… Read more »

Accent Walls, I Love You

I’ve written about accent walls before (right here) and while others are kinda over them, I’m still in love. You heard me: ACCENT WALLS, I LOVE YOU. I’m not one to jump on a trend just because it’s a trend, and I’m not one to move on from something I love just because it’s losing… Read more »

A French-Meets-Mid-Century Living Room (Why Not?)

Mixing design styles is totally my jam. So when my cool new clients came to me with a style challenge, I readily accepted. The great room in their 1960s bungalow had a seriously Mid-Century vibe, but their aesthetic preferences leaned more towards French country. My task? Design a French-Meets-MidCentury Living Room, where feminine French elements live happily… Read more »