Going Dark: Deep Wall Colors Can Be Surprisingly Successful

As the home columnist for Wacoan magazine, I’m psyched to share my insights and ideas about interior design and home decor each month. Here’s an excerpt from my current column, “Going Dark: Deep Wall Colors Can Be Surprisingly Successful”. Read the full article over at Wacoan.com, and check out the article archive here.

Going Dark: Deep Wall Colors Can Be Surprisingly Successful | Article in WACOAN magazine by interior designer Lesley MyrickJust because a wall is painted white does not guarantee that the room will have the bright expansive feeling that’s desired. (Bummer, right?) It’s counterintuitive, but in fact, a deep color can often be a better choice and actually make a space feel larger! While white walls bounce light and feel open and airy, dark colors recede. A deep wall color sits back and blurs the boundaries of a room, creating the illusion of a larger space, especially if the walls and ceiling are painted the same dark hue.

To further enhance this space-expanding effect, I prefer a matte paint finish over an eggshell or satin one. A flat, velvety finish only helps the walls appear to recede and therefore creates the illusion of a larger space.

Not everyone around Waco is on board with dark, matte wall colors though, not even paint professionals…


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