Lesley’s Picks: 10 Best Barstools

Guys, usually sourcing barstools puts me to sleep. I had planned the topic of this post last year (yup, I plan out a year’s worth of editorial content at at time!) and when I saw ’10 Best Barstools’ on the calendar I almost threw up in my mouth a little.

Barstools are usually sooooo boring. Why the heck did I choose this as a topic?

But today, the internets came through and I found ALL THE GORGEOUS BARSTOOLS. Fur! Orange velvet! Hammered brass! Check out these totally un-boring barstool picks from a few of my favorite vendors:

10 awesome barstool and counter stool picks from interior designer Lesley Myrick (orange velvet! fur! brass!)

1. Navy Jardin Counter Stool | 2. Hazel Brass + Orange Counter Stool | 3. Elie Velvet Barstool | 4. Emmett Fur Counter Stool | 5. Baylor Bronze Bar Stool | 6. Lewis Windsor Counter Stool | 7. Quad Pod Adjustable Stool | 8. Bradley Stool | 9. Rubic Black Stool | 10.Green Jaden Counter Stool

My personal favorite barstool? The brass “Bradley” stool. Seriously, that hammered brass finish is so chic and would totally bring a little sexy shine to a basic bar table situation. I’d love to know which is your favorite – tell me over on Facebook.

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