5 Signs You Should Invest in an Interior Designer

5 signs it's time to invest in an interior designer - tips from stylist Lesley MyrickWith all the free design resources out there like Pinterest, Houzz, and design blogs, it’s easy to wonder why someone would invest in an interior designer. I mean, we’re not cheap. And it’s easy for anyone to go shopping and pick a couple of paint colors and be done with it, right?

Well…not exactly. But if you’re down for doing it on your own, go for it! You’re a trooper and I like your hustle.

If you’ve ever approached re-designing a room in your home, you’ll know that it can be time-consuming, challenging, and downright draining to create a design plan, source everything needed within budget and space constraints, make a myriad of design decisions, hire and manage a contractor, have your personal space disrupted for days or weeks, arrange for deliveries, deal with deficiencies, fix problems, and see everything through to the end.

And if you don’t know where to start, are overwhelmed by choice, or don’t have the time to handle all of the minutiae, then this process is anything but enjoyable. In fact, it totally sucks.

Designing and decorating your home should be totally fun and exciting. So let’s work together to make this process more awesome. LESS SUCK, MORE AWESOME. If you’re on the fence about whether hiring design help is the right call, here are 5 signs you should invest in an interior designer:

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You might be surprised that working with a designer is more affordable than you think. And the benefit gained – a kickass home that looks great and feels amazing without stress and struggle – is absolutely worth the investment.

Next week I’ll be sharing the complete beginner’s guide to working with an interior designer. I know it’s foreign territory to a lot of folks to hire a design pro, so I’ll let you know the ins and outs of exactly what it looks like to work with Lesley Myrick Art + Design from start to finish.