An Awkward Room Gets Awesome in California

So, new homes.

What’s the deal with the super awkward spaces some of them have? Like, too-large foyers or weirdly-shaped living rooms or a “den” that’s too small to be a real living space but too large not to furnish?

I recently wrapped a project in California with a cool young client whose new build came with this weird little room just off of the front door. It was about the size of a bedroom – too small to be a living room, but too large not to do something awesome with it. I think it was meant to be an office? A den? Who knows.

Since the home already featured a living room, family room, office, and play area for their two young kiddos, we decided to transform it into a library-meets-coffee-date-with-the-girls space, just for mom. A little retreat where she can spend time with a gal pal and a cup of coffee after the little ones go to bed. Small-scale furniture was the name of the game.

#ClientCoolinCali loved navy, white, and brass with pops of color. (Sidenote: if anyone has a better term than “pops of color” I’d love to hear it. As cliche as it may be, it just works.) Designer #LesleyMyrick also digs these things, so it was a match made in design heaven.

Moodboard for #ClientCoolinCali - a fresh and modern sitting room/library by interior stylist Lesley Myrick
If you’re curious, I often share client projects on Pinterest – including this one – because it’s such an awesome tool for long-distance design collaboration. And yes, virtual long-distance design is a thing! Contact me if you’d like more details about working with Lesley Myrick Art + Design virtually.