An Eclectic Foyer Design

Black and white dalmatian print foyer - an eclectic makeover by interior stylist @lesleymyrick

As a designer, owning a house is THE FUNNEST. I get to decorate my own space without fear of repercussions from a landlord! Or even worse, fear of the work required to paint everything back to beige before moving out (ugh.)

Since moving to Waco, Texas in July we’ve wrapped up the living room makeover; the office is underway, and the foyer is now complete too. Take a peek at what our entryway looked like before:

Foyer with DIY dalmatian print wallpaper - before and after by interior stylist @lesleymyrick


Peachy wallpaper surrounded by peach walls. The wallpaper almost wasn’t terrible and may have even been pretty cool in another color palette, but it just wasn’t working for me. And after obsessing over this foyer FOR. LIKE. EVER. I decided to go a little nuts and do a DIY dalmatian print wall treatment in my own home. I’ll share the DIY process for my dalmatian print wall in another post soon, but for now just know that it was a stop-gap solution done on the cheap that I intended to redo in a year or so, but I love it so much you’ll have to pry those walls out of my COLD DEAD HANDS.

Anyway. More shots of my eclectic foyer design!

"Hello" welcome mat and dalmatian print walls by interior stylist @lesleymyrick

Black and white DIY dalmatian print wall by @lesleymyrick

A modern and eclectic foyer design with DIY dalmatian print wall by interior stylist @lesleymyrick

DIY dalmatian print wall with a framed collage by artist Marcelo Monreal | Interior design by @lesleymyrick

It’s a small (but mighty) space so there aren’t a lot of sources to list, but if anything you see tickles your fancy here you go:

Chair: Vintage | Union Jack Pillow: Bed Bath & Beyond | Doormat: Target | Tote Bag: Madewell | Chalkboard with Hooks: World Market | Collage Art: Marcelo Monreal

The next space I’m tackling in my home makeover is the office, with a blue ceiling and a wall of DIY custom-look built ins. And wallpaper featuring 1920s sketches of women’s faces. And a leopard print cowhide rug. And a deer head mounted on the wall. It’s gonna be weird and wonderful.