Art Lessons: Cool and Casual Ways to Collect and Display Art

As the home columnist for Wacoan magazine, I’m psyched to share my insights and ideas about interior design and home decor each month. Here’s an excerpt from my current column, “Art Lessons: Cool and Casual Ways to Collect and Display Art”. Read the full article over at, and check out the article archive here.

Displaying art pieces that speak to you creates a sense of wholeness and peace in a home. Art is not just a decorative element, it’s a piece of the puzzle. And its presence is definitely missed when a room is lacking this essential finishing touch. Prints and mass-produced art pieces have their place, but there’s something special about acquiring originals that not only look rad but have a story behind them, like the armadillo in the party hat.

I have the hardest time sourcing art for my design clients because it’s so personal. What resonates with me may not resonate with them. I like to give recommendations but ultimately leave the final art purchasing decisions up to my clients. Art doesn’t need to match a room — in fact, it’s often more successful when it becomes an element of contrast — so having art fit perfectly into a design scheme isn’t necessary or even ideal. Matchy-matchy is boring, and art is where you can have some fun and play with the unexpected.

So, if art isn’t your thing yet, but you want it to be, where do you start when it comes to collecting, framing and displaying original art?