Artist Rachel Brown and Her Quirky Animals

5 questions with artist Rachel Brown and her whimsical, happy, and playful art style

This month, I want to introduce you to a few badass female artists that I know and love. Even though my business’ focus is primarily on interior design, I named my company Lesley Myrick Art + Design because I am also an artist! I do mixed media and collage art, and you may have spotted some of my work in my interiors (including 4 pieces in my daughter’s room, and a couple of pieces hanging in my dining room, too). It’s no longer my main focus, but art is a deep love of mine, and selecting amazing art is just one way I help high-achieving women bust out of boring homes. So today, I’d like to you meet artist Rachel Brown – and her quirky animals.

Watercolor artist Rachel Brown

Rachel and I met about 8 years ago in Los Angeles, where we were both volunteering to help with the creative side of an event that our church in Hollywood was putting together. When I met her she was perched high on a ladder, splattered in paint, creating a stunning blue and purple abstract piece above a doorway. Her talent was evident, and her kindness and generosity in talking with me about her art techniques blew me away.

While she still creates abstract art (mainly in watercolors), Rachel has made a name for herself with fun, whimsical portraits of animals. I love that each one has its own personality and such a sense of humor!

5 Questions with Artist Rachel Brown

Here’s what Rachel had to say about creating her art, who inspires her, and how to choose art for your home.

Art by Rachel Brown

Describe your artistic style in 3 words.

Fun, Whimsical, Happy. 

What is your earliest memory of creating art?

My Mom was an art teacher, so we constantly had supplies around to play with. In the summer, I was tie-dying, baking Fimo clay beads, and painting on literally anything I could get my hands on. I got in trouble once for painting purple polka dots on an antique dresser- probably not the best canvas choice. Ha! 

Camel by Rachel Brown

What’s your favorite medium to work in, and why?

Watercolor. I love that you truly have to “surrender” to it in order to create the magic. 

Llama by Rachel Brown

What creation are you most proud of?

The project I’m most proud of is the 200+ paintings that I was commissioned to paint for The Landsby Hotel in Solvang, CA. I put my (literal) blood, sweat, and tears into that project and the finished hotel (designed by Studio Collective) is such a beautiful retreat. 

What other artists inspire you?

I love Lauren Williams – she is a tapestry artist who inspires me daily with her work ethic, transparency into her process, and encouragement for other artists. 

Ostriches by Rachel Brown Art

What tips do you have for homeowners when choosing art for their homes?

Choose what makes YOU happy and makes you smile when you walk into the room.

Art by Rachel Brown

You can find out more about artist Rachel Brown and purchase her art at, and follow @rachelbrownart on Instagram to see her latest pieces and works in progress.

5 questions with artist Rachel Brown and her whimsical, happy, and playful art style