A Colorful and Luxe Master Bedroom in Austin, Texas

When I started designing this luxe master bedroom for a client in Austin, Texas, I planned to stick with a very neutral color palette –  lots of layers of tan, cream, white and gold. After all, the client already had French grey walls, a pretty upholstered linen headboard, and a beige antelope area rug in place and wanted to build off of that. (Pretty, right?) But apparently the siren song of color and pattern was irresistible to both of us, because – SHOCKER – by the end of our awesome two-hour Design Jumpstart session, the unexpected punches of navy and layered graphic patterns were making us both giddy with delight. (Curious to see where my design selections are from? Check out the Pinterest board here.)

This client definitely had a pull towards the offbeat and just needed someone on her side to give her the confidence to pull the trigger. Even though she thought she wanted a neutral bedroom, deep down she desired something a little more awesome but didn’t know how to get there on her own. My mission is to empower my clients to make confident design decisions and embrace what they love. Mission accomplished here! I’m digging this mix of neutral luxury (like seriously, how good is that metallic gold wallpaper?) with bold color and unapologetic pattern.