3 Easy Bedroom Update Ideas

3 easy bedroom update ideas for busy moms

Bedrooms are fun and easy to update because generally, construction is not involved. For the most part, updating a bedroom us more about cosmetic changes like paint, furnishings, lighting, and decor. (You know – the fun stuff!) But before we dive into these 3 bedroom update ideas I want to make sure we’re clear on this: I didn’t say cheap bedroom updates, I said easy.

Listen – you’re a busy mom with stuff to do, and investing in a few great things to transform your bedroom is worth every penny! DIY isn’t always worth it, and I know this firsthand.

When I was in my early 20s I had this brilliant idea to DIY a headboard in my apartment. I bought this wide zebra-print ultrasuede ribbon (hello, mid-2000s!), glued it to the wall in a rectangle shape, and filled in the middle with paint. I though it would look like this super chic upholstered headboard with zebra ribbon trim, and instead? It just looked like I glued sh*t to the wall.

I’ve learned the hard way that not all DIY projects are worth it. But these are easy ways to update your bedroom, with fast results and a dramatic change.

3 Easy Bedroom Update Ideas

  • Awesome nightstands
  • Layered bedding
  • Artwork above your headboard

Bedroom Update #1: Nightstands

I have a strong suspicion you haven’t paid much attention to your nightstands. Maybe they’re holdovers from Ikea from your college days? Or perhaps leftover from another room in the home? Or a hand-me-down? For some reason, nightstands often end up being the leftover bits of furniture and upgrading them can have a massive effect on your room. I like to have fun with nightstands – thihnk, bone inlay wood inlay, something with a bold color, a shiny lacquer finish, or a beautifully textured grasscloth. Nightstands are an awesome opportunity to express your style in an affordable way, because they’re very small pieces of furniture. But don’t underestimate them – a nightstand can make a huge difference to your bedroom immediately.

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Bedroom Update #2: Layered Bedding

Designing a bed is just like styling an outfit – you need color, texture, pattern, and layers. If your bed has only a comforter and a couple of pillows to sleep on, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to make it beautiful!

Here’s how I like to style a bed. Start with your cozy quilt or comforter. Add a folded coverlet at the foot of the bed, with matching pillow shams. And finally, pop a gorgeous accent pillow or lumbar pillow in front of the shams. It’s one of my quick and easy bedroom update ideas but it makes a world of difference! These thoughtful layers instantly elevate the whole room and dress it up.

When it comes to the accent pillow, this is where I love to splurge on a gorgeous designer fabric or richly textured hair-on-hide and create something amazing.

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The Shoppe at Lesley Myrick Interior Design: Accent Pillows

Bedroom Update #3: Artwork Above the Bed

The third of my bedroom updates ideas is to pay attention to the wall above your bed, and add art. The bed is the natural focal point in the room, and your eyes are already going to be drawn there. You’ve got great nightstands, and your bed is beautifully made – now it’s time to finish things off with great art!

I love to do a large painting or a photograph above the bed, or even something sculptural with texture like a feathered Juju hat. The wall above the bed is also a chance to do a gallery wall and display family photos or your wedding photos since it’s a more private space in the home. It’s a great opportunity to express yourself, your style, your travel experiences, and your family’s story – don’t miss out on it.

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The Shoppe at Lesley Myrick Interior Design: Artwork

Now, new nightstands, pillows, and art is just the start. If creating a kickass bedroom is high on your priority list, I would love to help you bust out of your boring bedroom. Here’s how we can work together.

Bedroom update ideas for busy moms (plus shop our favorite nightstands, accent pillows, and bedroom art!)