The Best Paint Colors for Walls, Trim, Cabinets, and More

All month we’ve been talking about color, so today I’m re-posting the best paint colors for walls, trim, cabinets, and more (with a new addition, too!). This is one of our most popular blog posts so if you missed it before, I hope it’s a useful resource for you now.

The best paint colors

Now, don’t die of shock: more than half of the best paint colors for walls, trim, and cabinets I’ve chosen are neutrals

That’s right.

Your color-loving designer pal has chosen white, greys, and even BEIGE as her favorites!

There is a method to my madness, I promise. While a dramatic blue wall color can be awesome in certain rooms (like my Dark Night bedroom below), most of the time your walls are best treated as the backdrop and not the center of attention. Paint is cheap, and is meant to highlight the other amazing parts of a room design. No one wants to invest thousands in gorgeous living room furnishings and decor only for their friends to comment on how much they love that $30 wall color! (Insert eye-roll emoji.)

So, what are my favorite paint colors? These are colors I have used for clients and in my own homes that I’ve been super happy with, time and time again.

The best deep, dark, super sexy paint color for walls: Sherwin-Williams Dark Night

Best navy paint color: Sherwin-Williams Dark Night

Let’s hear it for MY FAVORITE PAINT COLOR EVER, Dark Night. I’m obsessed with this inky peacock blue with just a hint of teal in it. It’s navy with a badass twist. My master bedroom is this color, as are my front door and exterior shutters – what can I say, I really do love it! I’ve also convinced clients to paint with this color too. *insert evil laughter here*

Dark Night is the artsty cool girl in highschool who wears killer eye makeup and oozes confidence, and you just want to be around her and hope some of her cool-factor rubs off on you.

The best bold blue for kitchen cabinets: Sherwin-Williams Deep Sea Dive

Deep Sea Dive is bold without being obnoxious, and bright without being too loud. I love the impact it had in this modern farmhouse kitchen.

Deep Sea Dive is the popular girl who humbly doesn’t think she’s popular, she’s just “well-liked”.

The best livable neutral with a little green in it: Sherwin-Williams Relaxed Khaki

Best neutral paint color: Sherwin-Williams Relaxed Khaki

I’ve loved my living room in Relaxed Khaki. Crazy how different it looks in the space than on this color swatch, right? It’s not beige (despite kind of looking like it…shhh!) but is an easy, livable, earthy neutral. In my Texas home it really read as green, but in other spaces it looks more like a true khaki.

Relaxed Khaki is like that hot dad at the playground – he’s not what you’d usually go for and is more boring and stable than you are, but somehow that’s really attractive.

The best medium-ish gray for cabinetry: Sherwin-Williams Amazing Gray

Best gray paint color: Sherwin-Williams Amazing Gray

Anyone else start singing “Aaaamazing graaay, how sweet the sound”…? Amazing Gray is a great medium gray that I’ve used on cabinetry before and loved the results. It’s not too purple or blue, and it pairs really nicely with marble and metallics.

Amazing Gray is kind of cocky (I mean really, that name!) but you can’t argue with the fact that he really is pretty amazing.

The best light grey for walls: Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray

Best gray paint color: Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray

Just like 7Up is the “agreeable soda” – meaning that pretty much everyone will drink it even if it’s not their absolute fave – Agreeable Gray is a pretty safe bet for your walls. It’s light, soft grey that runs just a little on the greige side with a touch of brown in it. I like to design with a LOT of color (hello, have we met?) and Agreeable Gray creates the perfect neutral canvas so that the art, lighting, furnishings, and rugs can take all the attention.

Agreeable Gray is like your boring neighbor that you like just fine, but he’s not the most charismatic guy. But you just like him, you know? Even if you can’t always remember his name.

The best crispy fresh white for alllll the walls and trim: Sherwin-Williams Extra White

Best white paint color: Sherwin-Williams Extra White

I’ve had my fair share of battles with white paint, and I’ve found a hands-down winner – Extra White. It’s not too yellow, not too blue, and really pops against bright and rich colors. All of my interior doors and trim and ceilings are in Extra White. So fresh and so clean.

Extra White is totally the over-achiever (you know: class president, valedictorian, straight-A student) of whites, and no other white even comes close. But he deserves all the accolades, even if you’re a little jealous of his success.

The best chartreuse  for a killer pop of color: Benjamin Moore Citron

Best bold paint color: Benjamin Moore Citron

Citron is like, THE BEST yellow-green ever. Benjamin Moore says that, “a generous dose of green gives this earthy, organic yellow a mellow, somewhat mysterious quality.” Mysterious? I don’t know about that. But I DO know that this electric chartreuse is my fave for adding a burst of color to a baby change table (which we did in Ford’s nursery), an interior door, or an accent table.

Citron is like biting into a lemon and making a killer sour face, but secretly you really like it and will probably do it again.

Want to know more of my favorite paint colors? I’ve got a FREE blue and teal paint color guide for you. Download it right here. And if you’d like help selecting the best paint colors for your home, a Design Jumpstart session might be just what you need.

The best paint colors for walls, trim, cabinets and more - curated by interior designer Lesley Myrick