Walk It Off, Baby.

I write mostly about art and design on this blog – because, duh, it’s called Lesley Myrick Art + Design – but what you may not know is that I’m also a musician. I grew up doing musical theater, taking voice and piano lessons, and even spent a year in my mid-twenties traveling as a vocalist with CTI Music Ministries (which is where I met my handsome guitar-playing husband!). Oh, to be young again!

Kidding. I’m only 29, and that sure ain’t old.
While music is not a full-time career aspiration of mine, I jumped at the chance to be a part of this music video with my friend Jacqueline Caruso of Gazelle Recordings. We recorded the song live and shot the music video concurrently – a pretty fun challenge! I’m proud to have been part of such a beautiful project with these crazy-talented people.

Cinematography by Nacia Schreiner
Produced & Edited by Nicole Taher
Produced by Karmic Pictures
Recorded and filmed at BAD-TRANSMISSION Studio by Daniel Dempsey

Piano, vocals – Jacqueline Caruso
Harmonies – Lesley Myrick
Violin – Wyatt Sum
Cello – Dolce Wang
Drums – Jacob Allen
Bass – Gus Green

Fun fact – at one point in the video, I’m lying on the floor looking like I’m just chilling and enjoying the scene – but really, I had the absolute worst baby-related cramps and indigestion and was pretty much dying down there. It was too early to tell anyone I was pregnant, so I just suffered on the floor in silence between takes. Such a glamorous life I lead. But totally worth it.

Happy Tuesday!

New Collage Prints Available on Etsy!

Lesley Myrick New Collage Prints on EtsyIt’s been a while since I’ve launched a new product in my Etsy shop, so I’m thrilled to announce a brand new set of two collage prints! I just adore this quote: “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart“. Such a lovely reminder for a special friend, mama, or little girl in your life. 
These were originally created as a client project that fell through (more on that later) and I love the final result, so I’m happy to be able to offer them to you. 
You can buy these new collages here (they come matted and ready to frame!), and be sure to check out the rest of my Etsy shop here
Thanks for supporting independent artists and indie businesses! xo


Everything is Possible

When Nothing Is Sure Eveything is Possible Typography Quote on Etsy
(Image found via Marie Forleo)
Anyone else feel like they’re at a crossroads in life, where nothing is for sure? This month Nate graduates with his masters degree (woohoo!); in January we’re having a baby, and there are a million unknowns between now and then.
Do we move? Where would we move to? When do we get a second car? Will I stay home with the baby, or will Nate? It’s all a little overwhelming.
Sometimes a shift in perspective is needed. Because right now, when nothing is sure, that means everything is possible.
And that’s pretty exciting.

Happy Tuesday!

That One Time I Got Pregnant

Lesley Myrick Pregnant Announcement
So this happened…
…and then this
…and in January there’s gonna be a new little Myrick in town.
Happy Wednesday, from the three of us!

Listen, Smile, Agree

Listen Smile Agree - Quote by Robert Downey Jr
This quote by Robert Downey Jr is one of my favorites. There’s something to be said about listening to advice from others, but trusting your gut instincts above all. 

Happy Monday!

PS. Original image source unknown.


This is Glamorous Photo with Quote from Erwin McManus“What a waste to be who you were, when you can be who you’re becoming.” – Erwin McManus, Mosaic.
Happy Tuesday!


The Shortest Answer

Collage Art by Hollie Chastain
When my to-do list is nearly bursting with stuff that needs attention, I’m the kind of person who tends to freeze up instead of taking action. Overwhelm puts me into a mild state of panic, and I look a little like a deer in headlights. Taking action feels near impossible while my brain is busy jumping around, burning all of its metal energy thinking of all the things that need to be done, instead of taking action on anything.
I read this quote via Muz (my new favorite app!) the other day, and it sorta smacked me in the face. (You know, in a good way.)
“The shortest answer is doing the thing.” – Ernest Hemingway 
That’s some #realtalk from Hemingway right there.

Happy Wednesday!

PS. Those beautiful paper collages are by Hollie Chastain.  

On Easter and Salvation

Easter and Salvation and the Hope of Jesus by Lesley Myrick Art and Design
I am ashamed to admit that I was hesitant about posting anything relating to Good Friday or Easter, because sometimes I think I’m crazy to believe in Jesus and am afraid of what others might think of me.
And that, friends, is embarrassing. I’m embarrassed with myself for wanting to keep that very real and very deep part of my life to myself because of my unfounded fears. Loving God and living for Him is nothing to be ashamed of.
He should be ashamed of me.
God, I’m sorry that I am ashamed of you, and that I didn’t want to speak your truth. I have nothing to be ashamed of. It’s only because of YOU that I have life. You’ve given me this mouthpiece – this blog that reaches many – and I failed to respond when you asked me to speak your truth and be a beacon to others.
When my brother died last November, the only thing that got me through that horrific time was the peace and love I truly felt from God. I honestly don’t know how anyone survives a tragedy like that without the Holy Spirit being with them. I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today without Jesus. I know that I wouldn’t have been able to cope without the hope He offers. It’s easy to feel hopeless in dark times, but with Jesus, there is hope.
Jesus died on the cross for us. He shed his blood for each and every one of us, to save us from a life of sin and separation from God. (I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. Here is one recorded account, if you’re interested, in Matthew 26 – 27.)
Easter is a beautiful time. It’s a celebration of hope, a celebration of life, and celebration of redemption. We are redeemed because of Jesus Christ. Our lives have value, our stories matter, because of Jesus.
Good Friday is a day to remember to crucifixion of Christ. A day where hope appeared dashed. A day of darkness. We all go through days of darkness when our hopes appear dashed, too.
And then comes Easter Sunday – the sunshine after the storm, the celebration of the miraculous resurrection of Jesus. He poured his love out on the cross, and we are redeemed too.
These words about Easter from Jamie the Very Worst Missionary struck me hard the other day: “A day to remember that what appears to be Hope dashed is actually Love poured out. Redemption is sneaky like that.”

You are loved. There is hope. This is truth.

Happy Easter, friends.


PS. Thank you Kelli and Danni for your inspiring and encouraging Easter posts – it was reading your words yesterday that encouraged me to write my own. 


Details Make the Difference

“We must occasionally remind ourselves of our brief visit on this planet. Shouldn’t we try to express ourselves clearly, make a personal stamp on our environment, and pay attention to the details that make the difference?” – Charlotte Moss via Design for Mankind
Happy Monday!

Image via Lonny.