How to Bring Personality to a Boring Space

How to Bring Personality to a Boring Space | Interior Design Tips from Lesley Myrick

I had a client once refer to her home as a “beige box of sadness”. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Your home should be a haven and a source of delight. There’s too much great design out there to live in a home that lacks personality and style. Here’s how to bring personality to a boring space.

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Hey everyone, Lesley Myrick here. I’m an interior stylist and I transform boring beige spaces into pretty kickass colorful homes with an offbeat edge that are livable, delightful, and unexpected.

Let’s talk about something I am super passionate about – how to bring personality to a boring space.

There is so much cool design stuff out there, so I’m always surprised when people land on boring. How do we get to these boring beige homes where nothing has a whole lot of personality? Well, design purchases are a big investment and mistakes can be costly. We often stay “safe” and make safe choices to avoid making one of those mistakes that could cost us thousands of dollars. Once you’ve purchased a brown sofa it feels safe to buy a beige chair, and paint your walls beige, and suddenly, you have a room that might look pretty but doesn’t feel anything like you and doesn’t feel that great to be in.

We get locked into this safe style and then don’t know how to break out of it.

I think there’s also a big fear of being judged by others. If you’re willing to step out, to express your personality, to have fun with your home, you open yourself up to criticism and judgement from other people. Not everyone is going to love what you do but I’m a real believer that you do you. Your home, your space, your money, you get to decorate it and you get to invest in your home how you see fit. There’s a big fear about doing what we should do, and I hate that word “should”! It is the worst thing to guide you when you’re making design decisions.

Screw the “shoulds”. Do what you want, do what you love, do what feels good.

Now, if your space is a bit of a snooze-fest, I do have a tip to help you get started and make it feel more “you”. And that is that textiles are your friend. Introduce patterned curtains, accent pillows, throw blankets, area rugs – those soft, fuzzy, cuddly, textural, colorful things. They might seem kind of insignificant on their own, but all together as a whole, when you layer them in over a neutral base they can completely transform a room.

So, if you’ve got the brown sofa, and beige chair, and beige walls, and you’re just feeling like you’re stuck in this beige box of sadness, that’s a great way to start. Throw a couple great pillows in, a new area rug, and you can really start to transform your room.

Even a boring beige backdrop comes to life with color, pattern, and texture.

Now, this is just scratching the surface. I know a lot of people out there have these beige homes and feel stuck and want to be able to transform them. I would love to help you with that! Head on over to and reach out on my Contact page, or if you’re more of a DIY-type gal, you can check out my fantastic online course called Interior Style which will help you find your style and break out of that boring beige space.

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