Builder’s Beige Begone

As the home columnist for Wacoan magazine, I’m psyched to share my insights and ideas about interior design and home decor each month. Here’s an excerpt from my current column, “Builder’s Beige Begone: How to Season a Bland Home With Personality and Color”. Read the full article (for free, woot!) at, and check out the full article archive here.

Builder's Beige Begone - how to season a bland home with personality and color by interior stylist Lesley Myrick

Here’s the thing: There is nothing wrong about living with beige if you love it. Beige layered with richly textured cream, gold and chocolate brown can be a dynamite palette that screams sophistication. Throw in some crystal accents, and you’re nailing a luxe look. I’m not here to hate on all-beige homes or their builders. To each his own! Interior design is an expression of what you love, and if neutrals are your thing, I dig it. Even the most exciting rooms need to incorporate some neutrals to feel grounded and livable.

But what I hear from many clients is that while buying a beautiful home with unremarkable finishes and fixtures is a wise choice, they don’t love living in an all-beige home. When it comes time to furnish their new space, they often purchase brown leather sofas and brown wood furniture because those are a safe bet with beige, and before they even realize it, they’ve curated a color-free existence and don’t know how to escape. A “beige box of sadness,” if you will.

I’ve got good news. A brand-new beige home essentially serves as a blank canvas. And once you’ve pushed past the fear of making that first colorful mark, what could be more fun than splashing your canvas with furniture, lighting and decor that brings you joy?