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Patterns + Florals + Prettiness

I had a productive weekend spent creating a Valentine’s Day collage commission. (This dude should definitely get the Boyfriend Of The Year award. What a sweet and thoughtful gift!) His requirements for this personalized collage were a specific quote – which I’ll share when I reveal the final piece – and “patterns and florals and prettiness”. Yup. I can totally… Read more »

Creativity Takes Courage

Creativity takes courage – isn’t it so true? Creating art and putting yourself out there takes such strength and vulnerability. The deepest tender bits from your insides are out on display for the world to see, to judge, to critique, to praise. I’m slowly learning to separate my work from my worth. Even if my… Read more »

Mother’s Day Etsy Sale!

Psst…if you’re looking for a pretty and thoughtful Mother’s Day gift, I’m offering 20% off everything in the Lesley Myrick Art + Design Etsy shop with code LOVEMOMS2014. Order a matted print or blank greeting cards and I’ll ship ’em out ASAP for yo’ momma.   Happy Tuesday!

Starting is the Hardest Part

[Photo by lesleymyrick on Instagram]   Don’t you find that starting is the hardest part of a creative project? I find that once I get going I thoroughly enjoy the process and the end result is both beautiful and satisfying…but getting over the mental block and intimidation of starting with a blank canvas can practically paralyze me… Read more »

Indie Business: Why I Do What I Do

[A collage I made for Nate, for our first Christmas together in 2009. Lyrics from “our” song.] Etsy just launched new About pages for all its shop owners – a place to share the story of your business and why you do what you do as an artistpreneur. And this got me thinking… …why do I… Read more »

Collage Artist Mae Chevrette on Using Quotes in Artwork

Artists can’t help but be inspired by the world and words they see around them – but what is the difference between being inspired, and blatantly using someone else’s ideas as your own? As an artist whose work is based on the inspiring words and quotes of others (you can see some of my collage… Read more »