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Design Inspiration: France

You guys. PARIS FREAKING FRANCE. Let’s just say for the whole week I was there I had the same gleeful look on my face as Carrie Bradshaw when she saw the Eiffel tower for the first time. I loved exploring a city with such character and history. While we did do one of those cheesy “hop… Read more »

Design Inspiration: England

Continuing on the great #MyrickTravels of 2015, we’ve flown from Scotland to England. Although we did spend a couple of days in London, we were so tired from traveling that we did nothing in London. NOTHING. Unless you count getting a facial and watching ‘Bridesmaids’ on cable as something. In Oxford, however, I spent many… Read more »

Design Inspiration: Scotland

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed a few photos from the stunningly beautiful country of Scotland. It’s been my dream to visit here – my mom was born and raised in Scotland – and let me tell you, the United Kingdom does not disappoint. Design inspiration is everywhere and I’m totally… Read more »

Is Creativity a Teachable Skill?

“Creativity isn’t necessarily an elusive concept, but rather something that requires a robust process and a commitment to excellence. When we’re blown away by the creativity of a designer’s portfolio, what we are really seeing is hours and hours of focused, hard graft. Very few of us will magic up a concept in the shower… Read more »

Holiday Gift Guide for Artsy and Stylish Gals

Confession: this “holiday gift guide” is really “gifts Lesley wants” in disguise. (Sneaky!) Since many of you are awesome artsy females who also like unique and stylish things, I thought you might like to take a peek at what I’ve been wishing for – for my wardrobe, for my home, and for creative projects. This heart sweater…. Read more »

Rad Holiday Cards for the Design Snob

Okay, confession time – even though I looove stationery and snail mail, I’m a total slacker when it comes to Christmas and holiday cards. I love the idea of sending them, and I love to receive them, but when life gets busy in December they drop pretty low on the priority list. I still have… Read more »

What’s Your Cure for the Blahs?

I’ve spent the last few days just feeling “blah”. Feeling down, feeling unmotivated, feeling tired, feeling lonely, feeling uninspired. I’ve been waiting for someone or something to come along to cheer me up. A grand adventure; a big project; a surprise. I’m really good at making excuses as to why I’m feeling down. “I’m out… Read more »

Indie Biz: How to Start a Blog

Wondering how to start a blog? It can be intimidating joining the blogosphere when there are soooo many established blogs out there, and so many options! (I mean, where do you even begin?) A friend recently asked for help with starting a new blog to go along with her home-based business, so I thought I’d… Read more »

Inspiration Exists…

…but it has to find you working.   I’m slowly getting back to my full-time job and freelance projects, and a little trip to the art supply store definitely helped get my mojo flowing again. I’ve been intentional about blocking off chunks of time for creative projects, and even if I’m not “feeling it”, I’m… Read more »