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My Eclectic Living Room Makeover – After

Drumroll please…my eclectic living room makeover is complete! Remember what this room looked like before? (Hint: PEACH.) Yeahhhhh. We’ve come a long way, baby. I’m psyched to show you around! To kick off my new YouTube channel, here’s a little video tour of the space: (Can’t see the embedded video? Click here.) And some more photos,… Read more »

My Texas Living Room Makeover – Before

We’re making major decorating progress on our new home, and it’s time to share my Texas living room makeover – or at least, the “before” photos. FYI – “before” photos are totally code for “set your expectations low, people”. So yeah. Do that. Since I haven’t shared the backstory of how we bought this home, I’ll give you… Read more »

New House + New Video

Hello from Waco, Texas! The great #MyrickMove has happened and I’m getting settled in my new home – and new home office. I have an office! With a desk! A desk that’s not squeezed into my bedroom! We’re unpacked, we’ve bought all the boring-but-essential stuff (lawnmower, I’m talkin’ to you), and now it’s time to get… Read more »

My Pasadena California Home Tour

We move to Texas in just one week (follow along with the #myrickmove hashtag on Instagram), so what better way to wrap up my time in SoCal than with my Pasadena, California home tour – FINALLY! We’ve lived in this two bedroom 1960s apartment for two years and were pretty lucky that for a rental, it doesn’t… Read more »

How to Mix Design Styles Like a Pro

Because I can’t pick just one style to design with (I’m all about mixing and matching as you probably know), this eclectic bedroom design recently completed for a client is a gorgeous mashup of Luxe, Moroccan, and Bohemian styles. I’m guessing those are three things you’ve never thought of putting together, right? If you’ve tried to mix… Read more »