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My Dining Room Makeover

This post is in partnership with Del Mar Fans & Lighting. Thanks for reading! Total spoiler by putting the “after” photo first, I know. But trust me, my dining room needed a makeover and the lighting in the “before” photo wasn’t really going to lure you in. We live in a cute little two-bedroom rental that’s… Read more »

I’m Cuckoo for Crystal Chandeliers

Here’s a little insight into my design brain – I like things a little weird. Like, I would totally put a crystal chandelier smack in the middle of a living room because it shouts “LOOK AT ME I’M AWESOME AND TOTALLY CONFIDENT AND I DON’T BELONG HERE BUT THAT’S COOL”. Is this your jam? Sweet. I… Read more »

Patterns + Florals + Prettiness

I had a productive weekend spent creating a Valentine’s Day collage commission. (This dude should definitely get the Boyfriend Of The Year award. What a sweet and thoughtful gift!) His requirements for this personalized collage were a specific quote – which I’ll share when I reveal the final piece – and “patterns and florals and prettiness”. Yup. I can totally… Read more »

My Top 5 Color Picks for 2015

New year, new color trends! Pantone’s Spring Color Report is the place to see what colors will be making an appearance in 2015 fashion – and then very shortly after, in interior design. I’m on the Lamps Plus blog today sharing my top 5 picks out of the 17 colors chosen – and why I… Read more »