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A Cute and Festive (But Not-Too-Girly) Baby Shower

This weekend we hosted a cute and festive (but not-too–girly) baby shower for some dear friends that are expecting a baby girl in July. (Obviously she will be Ford’s future girlfriend. Duh.) Since Ford was the only not-in-utero baby there, he naturally became the center of attention. Which is fine with me, because he’s all… Read more »

Ford Update: 4 Months

So, somehow in the past 4 months, I’ve become the mom of a BABY. Not a helpless little infant – like, a full-fledged, babbling and cooing and grabbing BABY loaded with personality and lots of smiles.   He’s totally awesome.   Enjoy these gratuitous photos of the little man. I’ve been working on my DSLR… Read more »

Project Life

Have you heard of Project Life? It’s an easy way to create scrapbooks – photos and journaling cards just slide into slots on pre-made layouts. WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT.   As someone who loves scrapbook supplies (I mean, hello, have you seen my art?) I’ve never actually taken the time to create a… Read more »

Introducing…Baby Ford

Denford William Myrick Born January 15, 2014 at 1:08pm 8 lbs 13 oz + 21.5 inches long All photos are by the talented Liz Bottrell Photography. Love,

Baby Registry Essentials for New Moms

Just for fun, I thought I’d put together a little list of baby registry essentials that new moms might find helpful. Obviously we have not tested any of these things yet (seeing as Baby Myrick is still 6 days away from his due date and rooming uncomfortably in my belly) but we chose these products… Read more »

Bump Update

You know what’s bizarre? Watching your body transform right before your eyes. Here’s a little update on the evolution of Baby Myrick – or rather, an update on the evolution that Baby Myrick has caused to my midsection.   These photos were taken between 16 and 38 weeks. I’m 39 weeks pregnant today – which… Read more »

Baby Bumpin’

So in addition to all the art and design that fills my days, I’ve also been busy growing a baby. If you’re not following me on Instagram (and why not, sheesh!) you probably haven’t seen the watermelon that is currently living under my shirt. I’m 28 weeks pregnant today (that’s a little over 6 months)… Read more »