Chic and Badass Realtor’s Office – Before

A chic and badass realtor's office moodboard | Interior Design by Lesley Myrick in Waco TX

OMG. You guys are gonna die when you see this chic and badass realtor’s office totally finished. With two walls made up almost entirely of windows and a panoramic view, it’s the perfect spot for one of Waco’s top real estate agents to woo her clients and get sh*t done.

This is what the space looks like now. Prepare to be underwhelmed:

A chic and badass realtor's office - before | Interior design by Lesley Myrick

Total snoozefest. But, the space has majorly good bones. And those windows! With new hardwood floors and white baseboards, a re-vamped ceiling, fresh paint, and a total furniture and decor makeover, this office space is going to be dynamite.

My client’s color palette for her brand is turquoise and white. I began with that as our jumping-off point – then layered in brass, deep teal hues, and a little industrial touch to keep things from being too feminine. And of course, every badass office needs those edgy-yet-classy accents like a starburst mirror, studded sheepskin bench, and sexy glass decanter bottle.

I often use Pinterest as a collaboration tool, and this project is no exception. Check out the board here, and follow Lesley Myrick Art + Design on Pinterest to see more design projects in the works.