How to Create a Cozy Home for the Holidays

How to create a cozy home for the holidays - tips from interior designer Lesley Myrick

This might surprise you, but I’d rather be poked in the eye with a hot stick than decorate for Christmas. It is SO not my thing! But, what I do love during the holiday season is creating a home that feels festive, colorful, and cozy. Here’s how to create a cozy home for the holidays – no cheesy sh*t allowed. (Mini Christmas villages, I’m looking at you!)

Layer in allll the textures.

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the Danish term “hygge”, defined as “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” Basically, it’s all about creating a cozy environment at home. One way to get a cozy home for the holidays is by layering in rich, touchable textures. Think chunky knit blankets draped over the back of the sofa, rustic stoneware mugs for your morning coffee, faux fur pillows, anything velvet, plush wool rugs, and lush greenery.

An unexpected color palette is fresh and welcoming for holiday decorating. Consider rich jewel tones, and fresh neutrals too.

Dim the lights.

Lighting is literally the most important element for how a room feels – period. Good design is important, but lighting is what really takes a space to the next level and gives it allll the feels. When it comes to holiday decorating, dim and sparkly light is your best friend. Start by turning off those glaring overhead can lights and single ceiling fixtures that are too bright and cast harsh shadows. Instead, install dimmers on your table lamps (plug-in dimmers are easy to find and inexpensive), string up your white Christmas lights, light some candles (or use artificial battery-operated tealights on a timer – my new favorite thing!), and settle in.

Cozy blankets help create hygge holiday vibes at home.

Consider Offbeat Colors

Red and green will give your home holiday vibes, fo’ sho’. But if a glaringly obvious Christmas theme isn’t your jam, consider adding Christmas decor in rich jewel tones like teal, mustard, and magenta, or even keeping your colors fresh and neutral with cream, black, and blush. A neutral color palette loaded with texture might do the trick just as well as Christmas colors would!

To create a cozy home for the holidays, you don’t need a Christmas tree in every room in your home or throw pillows with cutesy holiday sayings embroidered on them. Add a little greenery, dim the lights, and snuggle up with someone you love with a cup of hot cocoa (and add Bailey’s, if you wanna do Christmas Lesley-style!).

Have a safe and joyful holiday season, and I’ll be back in the new year with more tips, tricks, and inspiration to help you bust out of a boring home.

How to create a cozy home for the holidays - no cheesy sh*t allowed! Holiday decorating tips from interior designer Lesley Myrick.