How to Create a Week’s Worth of Content in 10 Minutes

How to Create a Week's Worth of Content in 10 Minutes from interior designer, blogger, and podcaster Lesley Myrick

As an interior designer who has a blog, and a weekly Facebook and Instagram Live Show, and a newsletter and podcast and all the things, I’ve been told I must have more hours in the day, or more free time or more resources to create all this content – and that is 100% not true. If anything, with COVID and my kids both being home full time now, I have less time to create content and work than I did six months ago! I’ve been asked a lot how I seem to be everywhere and how I’m consistently creating and sharing new design content. Today, I’m going to let you peek behind the curtain and learn how I create a week’s worth of content in 10 minutes. (If you’re a motivated, high-acheiveing woman who owns a small business selling a product or service, this is gonna come in really handy!)

How to Create a Week’s Worth of Content in 10 Minutes

It took me years to figure out that I was making a lot more work for myself than I needed to when it came to content creation. But I’ve now figured out how to leverage one 10-minute video to create a week’s worth of content across a whole bunch of channels. This way you can really maximize your time, create something valuable, and share it with the world in an easy way. Let me walk you through what I do.

Step 1: Be Awesome for 10 Minutes on Facebook Live

Every Monday at 2pm Eastern, I go live on Facebook and Instagram. I have Facebook running on my laptop, and Instagram running on my iPhone simultaneously so that I’m live in both places at once. Being in two places at once is already a big win if you’ve been creating unique content for every one of your social media channels! But not only do I have the video broadcasting to each platform, I’m recording the audio in a program called Zencastr, which helps with podcast production. And I’m also recording the audio in a program called Otter, which transcribes your voice. All of this software is free, by the way, with paid upgrade options.

So if you’re keeping track, I’ve got two cameras running and two pieces of software open to do the recording. It sounds crazy, but this is how I can take a 10-minute live video and push it out in a whole bunch of different ways.

Step 2: Use the Audio File to Create a Podcast

After the Facebook Live is over, I take the audio file from Zencastr and publish it as a podcast using a program called Anchor (and yes, Anchor is also free). I add an intro and outro in GarageBand, but there are plenty of podcasters who just put a recording up without any editing, so don’t let that part hold you back from getting your awesome stuff out there!

Atlanta interior designer Lesley Myrick shares how to create a week's worth of social media content in just 10 minutes

Step 3: Publish the Video to YouTube and LinkedIn

After the podcast is done, I download the video file from Facebook and upload it to YouTube which keeps my YouTube channel updated with fresh content. And I upload that same video directly to LinkedIn too. It’s important to upload each video natively so that they’re hosted on YouTube and LinkedIn respectively – most social channels don’t love when you link to content from other places.

If you’re keeping track, this is now 5 places that the same kickass content has been shared in different ways: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and the podcast world. This is a great start to create a week’s worth of content in 10 minutes, but there are a few more steps to really leverage your ideas.

Step 4: Use the Transcript to Create a Blog Post

I now take the transcription of the Facebook and Instagram live that was recorded in Otter, and use that as the basis for a blog post (just like the one you’re reading right now). I do a lot of editing at this point, since rambling about interior design on camera is very different than writing blog content! But the framework and the key ideas are there. I tighten it up, add headings to make it more readable, and then the blog post is ready to share.

Interior designer Lesley Myrick shares how she creates a week's worth of social media content in just 10 minutes!

Step 5: Use the Blog Post to Write an Email Newsletter

My blog posts are often what I talk about in my weekly email newsletter. (Of course, there are also occasional freebies and secret special offers too!) It’s important to note that I don’t just copy and paste the entire blog post in the newsletter, but I introduce it and share a story to show why that post is worth clicking through to read.

Step 6: Use the Blog Post to Create Social Media Content

Almost done! Once the blog post is published, it’s time to go through it and pull some quotes and paragraphs that can stand on their own to become social media posts for Instagram and Facebook. These words may need a little finessing to make them make sense on each channel, but the main ideas are there and it’s easy to make it work for each platform.

Step 7: Pin the Blog Post to Pinterest

In each blog post, I include a Pinterest-friendly graphic (you can find free templates sized correctly in Canva) so that I can also pin each blog post to one or two relevant Pinterest boards.

Atlanta interior designer Lesley Myrick in her home office

By broadcasting and recording one 10-minute video in several ways (audio, video, and transcription) I’m able to really maximize that time and take that same information and package it in a whole bunch of different ways: Facebook live, Instagram live, a podcast, YouTube, LinkedIn, a blog post, an email newsletter, Pinterest, and multiple other social channels. BOOM.

Leveraging your content like this isn’t hard, but it does take strategy and planning. This efficiency took me years to figure out! I used to record YouTube videos and they would be their own thing, and I used to write a blog post and it would be its own thing, and I used to create individual social media posts…you get the idea. I was getting burned out by the effort I was putting into content creation. I wasn’t taking one great idea and putting it out in the world in different ways.

Think you don’t have time for this? You need just 10 minutes of quiet to record, and the rest of the pieces can be created in the margins. I go live on Facebook and Instagram when my two kids have quiet time in their rooms. My fingers are crossed every week that they don’t show up and open the door! When you’re busy schooling kids from home and have incredibly limited time, this content creation strategy really works. And you know what? Even if you do get interrupted by little fingers opening your door, it can’t possibly be as bad as this.

How to Create a Week's Worth of Social Media Content in 10 Minutes from interior designer, blogger, and podcaster Lesley Myrick