Design Kit Resources

How to Measure Your Room

STEP 1: Using pencil, draw the existing layout of your room. Don’t worry about scale! Include the locations of windows, doors, openings, built-ins, and closets.How to measure your room for a Design Kit | Lesley Myrick Art + Design

STEP 2: Use a tape measure to measure the overall length of each wall (corner to corner). Note these measurements on your drawing.

STEP 3: Measure each wall in detail, using this method: Start in one corner of the room. Measure the distance from the corner to the outside edge of the window casing; from there to the opposite edge of the window casing; from there to the edge of a built-in bookcase; and so on until you reach the opposite corner

STEP 4: Total the above detailed measurements; the total should match your first overall measurement. Note these measurements on your drawing.

STEP 5: Continue this process around the room.

STEP 6: Other information that would be helpful to note on your drawing: Ceiling height; location of electrical outlets; height of windows and doors, location of ceiling lights and wall sconces.

STEP 7: Measure any existing furniture, decor, rugs, or artwork that you’d like us to include in your Design Kit and include these notes.

STEP 8: You nailed it. Awesome job.

How to Photograph Your Room

STEP 1: Stand in one corner and take wide shots of the room facing all directions.

STEP 2: Stand in the opposite corner and do the same.

STEP 3: Be sure to include landscape (wide) photos as well as portrait (tall) photos.

STEP 4: Include photos that clearly show locations of windows, doorways, electrical outlets, heating vents, etc. – anything we’d need to consider when selecting furnishings and decor.

STEP 5: Take photos of any existing furniture, decor, rugs, or artwork that you’d like us to include in the design.

Got all your photos and measurements?

Great! Please email your digital photos, scanned floor plans, and any other relevant notes to Thank you!