Design Strategy Session

You + Me = A Day of Decision-Making

Hey, you rebel. Wanna play hooky from work for a day with me? I promise I'll make it worth your while.

Here's what we can do... an entire room in your home using online resources (you know that space that's been storing boxes since you moved in and drives you crazy every time you walk by?) locally and style an unfinished room to make it totally magazine-worthy paint colors, fixtures, and finishes for your remodel - so you don't make an expensive mistake

...or create a design vision for your home to make buying furniture and decor easy-peasy because you'll know it fits into your design plan.



Kind of a no-brainer, right?

Jam-packed with personalized design ideas, inspiration, and tactical resources, a Design Strategy Session sets a solid foundation to bust you out of your boring home. So, what exactly does that mean for you?

It means you'll get unstuck, get decisions made, and get moving with your design project!

Please note that a Design Strategy Session is exclusively for clients in the Atlanta and Macon, GA areas - if you live elsewhere, book a complimentary consultation call and let's talk about a design package that's better suited to collaborating long-distance.


What's It Like to Work With Lesley?

Here's What Our Other Cool Clients Are Saying


“Trying to redo my bedroom had lost all the fun…only stress. You listened, understood what I wanted and then made finishing the room actually FUN. Truly grateful that you shared your talents with us.” - J. ZAVODNY, Austin TX


“Lesley had a lot of positive energy.  She readily shared her ideas on the spot. I was a little bit apprehensive because I had never worked with a decorator before, but she immediately put me at ease" - L. GUYER, Waco TX


“Lesley was wonderful! She asked lots of good questions about the space and my likes/dislikes. She used my existing pieces nicely, and most importantly, I loved her ideas.” - K. ANDERSON, Boston MA

What to Expect at a Design Strategy Sesh

Not sure exactly how to spend our day together? Don't worry - we've got a plan. To start, we'll work through our kickass 3-step Design Jumpstart system which will ensure we make the most of our time together:

Step 1: Walk + Talk

We'll do a walk-through of your home and talk about the improvements you're dreaming of for each space. You'll let us know what you want items to keep, what you're ready to get rid of, and if you have a design vision in mind for your home.

Step 2: Deep Dive

It's time to sit and chat in detail about what's working - and what's not - in each space. We'll discuss aesthetics, function, and even that icky word, budget. It's time to get real so we can design a plan to bust you out of boring.

Step 3: Game Plan

It's time to get everything written down - and ready for action! We'll create a master to-do list spreadsheet, sketch out suggested floor plans, and lay the groundwork for us to rock your project for the day.

Once we've crafted our game plan, it's time to get to work! The rest of the Design Strategy Session will be hands-on, and typically includes local accessories shopping, styling, selecting colors and finishes, or online sourcing furniture and decor. Oh - and of course, we'll go for lunch (on us!).

At the end of the day, we'll leave you with an actionable to-do list that includes all the items we're suggesting you purchase or improve; design and style ideas; as well as contractor and vendor resources. We'll use this master checklist as the foundation to launch your design project - or if DIY is more your speed, it's all yours as a guide for navigating further design changes on your own.

Ready to Rock with a Strategy Session?

It's time to book a day off from work to prioritize you and your home. Jam-packed with personalized design ideas, inspiration, and tactical resources, a Design Strategy Session is a day of design decision-making that will launch you from design overwhelm into massive home-transforming action.


(Psst...on the fence about booking a Design Strategy Session? Schedule a complimentary consultation call with Lesley instead to see if we're a great fit and get your questions answered about all of our interior design services.)


“I really liked that you would take my feedback and that you led to me to the best final design possible while still making me feel like my input and design ideas were valued.” - K. LAPOSI, Hamilton ON

“We've entertained in our fun hangout space already a few times. We use that room daily. I cannot recommend calling Lesley highly enough. I want other folks to feel as amazing as I do! I could not fathom that interior design could be so empowering and life-changing." - J. LOVE, Waco TX

“My husband gave me a [Design Strategy Session] as a birthday present. It was one of the best gifts ever! Lesley worked with me on how to make my home my own instead of something that is just trendy.” - S. GODFREY, Waco TX