To Follow – Or Not To Follow – Design Trends?

Remember that time that design trend from 10 years ago was still cool 10 years later?

Me neither. And that’s why I’m not one to follow design trends. I’ve got some thoughts on this topic in my latest video:

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As a designer, especially one who embraces being a little offbeat and edgy, people are often surprised that I’m not into trends and that I don’t care about being “in” on what’s happening in the design world. And it’s not that I’m completely ignoring what’s happening – knowing about the best technology in stain-repelling fabrics and energy saving LEDs is super valuable and an asset I love to be able to bring to my clients. Designers get the inside scoop on some amazing advances in home products that seriously make life better. But when it comes to style trends, like the latest finishes (hello, rose gold) or the coolest accessories (macrame wall hangings, anyone?), that’s where I respectfully choose to stay true to my aesthetic.

I’ve never walked into someone’s home and fallen in love with it because it was so “on trend”. In fact, the opposite is true. What I appreciate in an interior is that sense of collectedness, of personality, of totally badass style that’s unique to the person who created it. True style is not about following others, it’s about following you.

Following trends for the sake of being on-trend is a surefire recipe for style disaster. What happens in a few years when your home screams 2017, but it’s 2020 and we’ve all moved on from rose gold and macrame? If you didn’t love those trends to start with, you’re certainly not going to love your choices after they’ve passed from popularity.

If you’ve been waiting for permission to say “I am so over [insert totally trendy thing here]“, then this is it. Who’s with me?