Downtown Waco Masculine Loft

A downtown Waco loft with masculine style by interior designer Lesley Myrick
I’m not typically faced with clients that ask for something super masculine, but when I am, I get really really excited to start sourcing! This living room and dining room project gave me the freedom to head in a slightly different design direction than usual and I was pumped for the challenge. (See? No teal! Well, almost. I snuck just a little bit of my fave color in.) This downtown Waco masculine loft design was inspired by the rad urban vibe of the condo with its concrete floor, exposed brick wall, and open concept. A little industrial distressed flair + a muted color palette + lots of texture = a totally kickass man-cave.

Even when designing a more masculine space, the balance between masculine and feminine elements is crucial. Too much “manliness” (or too much of any one style, really) leads to a boring design, so some more traditionally “feminine” touches like the upholstered dining chairs bring an unexpected element of contrast. But, you know, they’re totally badass upholstered in black suede instead of a more traditional linen or French toile fabric.

You can check out my design picks for the space on Pinterest, and if you’re interested in working together to make manly (or girly, whatever!) magic in your home, let’s talk. 👇

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