Flower Power

As the home columnist for Wacoan magazine, I’m psyched to share my insights and ideas about interior design and home decor each month. Here’s an excerpt from my current column, “Flower Power: Good for Your Decor and Your Well-Being”. Read the full article over at Wacoan.com, and check out the article archive here.

We’ve always known flowers and plants bring an element to a tabletop or nightstand that’s both aesthetically appealing and statement-making. Designers especially embrace this fact. Look at any home magazine, and you’ll typically see some sort of organic element in the interior photos of the homes, whether it be a subtle single bloom on a desk or an eye-catching arrangement on a console table. But even more important than looks, it’s proven by university research that these fresh florals introduce a little feel-good mojo.

In addition, psychologists have confirmed flowers can help you reach your goals. Dak Kopec, a design and environmental psychologist says, “Flowers help people measure time and track goals, whether they be fitness goals or career goals, because different flowers are in season at different times and act as a positive symbol of the passage of time.” Be sure to keep your florals fresh and perky because on the flipside, Kopec says wilted flowers subconsciously signal you’ve let time escape you.


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