A French-Meets-Mid-Century Living Room (Why Not?)

A French-meets-MidCentury great room | Moodboard + design by Lesley Myrick
Mixing design styles is totally my jam. So when my cool new clients came to me with a style challenge, I readily accepted. The great room in their 1960s bungalow had a seriously Mid-Century vibe, but their aesthetic preferences leaned more towards French country. My task? Design a French-Meets-MidCentury Living Room, where feminine French elements live happily ever after with the masculine Mid-Century architecture of their Waco home.
A French-meets-MidCentury great room | Floor plan + design by Lesley Myrick

The great room is nice and spacious – as you can see the in floor plan above, a floating 12×15 area rug still leaves plenty of breathing room. I chose a sleek waxed grey leather sectional with clean design lines as the foundation piece, and brought in a little elegance with a pair of weathered grey bergère chairs upholstered in classic French linen to sit opposite the sectional. Of course, a Lesley Myrick designed room would not be complete without something teal (duh) so the sexy overdyed area rug is a gorgeous anchor in the seating area.

A French-meets-MidCentury great room | Pinterest board + design by Lesley Myrick

I’m dying over that faceted brass accent stool – I love the contemporary contrast it brings. Every room needs a mix of masculine and feminine, rustic and polished, smooth and textured, modern and vintage – it’s the juxtaposition that makes things interesting.

Can’t wait to photograph this French-Meets-Mid-Century living room when all the elements are in place. In the meantime, follow along with what I’m pinning for clients on Pinterest.