How to Pick The Perfect Paint Color, Hang a Gallery Wall, and More

Want to look like a badass design expert? I’ve got your back. Here are a few of my favorite YouTube how-to’s, so if you’ve been wanting to know how to mix offbeat decor into your home, or confidently hang a gallery wall, or what my must-have styling secret is in any room, it’s all here.

How to pick the perfect paint color (if you can’t view the embedded vide below, click here):

We all know choosing paint colors is suuuper tricky. (Even after twelve years in the design business, it’s still something that doesn’t flow as easy as other design decisions for me and takes a great deal of careful consideration.) There’s one major trick I keep in mind when choosing wall colors, and that’s always to spec a more greyed-down, desaturated version of the colors I’m looking for. Bright, saturated hues can look great in artwork or on accent pieces, but are often just too overwhelming on a large expanse of wall.

How to hang a gallery wall, the super easy way (if you can’t view the embedded vide below, click here):

It’s all about planning your layout carefully on the floor, taking useful reference photos, and trusting your eyeballs to make it look right. Is it less accurate than measuring properly, or blocking out the arrangement with craft paper? Sure. But for an informal, eclectic gallery wall, this way works beautifully.

My favorite styling secret (if you can’t view the embedded vide below, click here):

If there’s one thing I always bring to a photoshoot (besides hardcover books with awesome spines and pretty little green plants), it’s a lush sheepskin throw. Oops, secret is out! I’m telling you, that sucker works in almost every room and adds interest, texture, and a little luxury. Put a sheepskin on it.

How to mix cool and offbeat decor into your home (if you can’t view the embedded vide below, click here):

Yes, that fantastically weird sculpture you picked up in India or that framed Polaroid you bought on the streets of Manhattan can totally work in your home, even if your home isn’t decorated in “that style”. If you want to incorporate something offbeat and awesome into your decor, it’s all about balance and proportion.

How to work with a virtual interior designer (if you can’t view the embedded vide below, click here):

I love working with clients virtually – it means that I can create design magic with awesome people all over the US, Canada, and beyond. But obviously design projects look a little different when a designer can’t be there in person. It can seem intimidating to a client to have to take on tasks like photographing and measuring a space, but it’s not nearly as challenging as it seems. I’ve got an insider look at the process of working long-distance with a designer.

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