An Industrial Meets French Eclectic Master Bedroom in Houston, TX

French Eclectic Industrial Master Bedroom Moodboard | Lesley Myrick Art + Design, Interior Designer in Waco, TX

I gravitate towards interior design that blends and layers contrasting design styles, and this industrial-meets-french-eclectic master bedroom for a client in Houston, TX is no exception. When one half of the couple is into traditional, feminine French furnishings, and the other half prefers a cleaner, industrial look, my job (which I freakin’ love) is to merge and balance the two into one happy design plan.

This bedroom is gigantic and scale was mega-important when making design selections. The king-size bed needed large nightstands to feel balanced (these awesome faceted ones are actually chests of drawers so they’re quite generous in size) and the wing chairs needed some height to feel proportionate to the ultra-high ceilings. While this moodboard might look a little busy at first glance, when these furnishings are placed in the actual room there will be a lot more visual “breathing room” around everything. I can’t wait to see how this space comes together IRL.

Working virtually with clients on a Design Kit is a kickass option if you’re not in the Waco area, as everything is done via email and Zoom video calls. Clients provide measurements and photos of the rooms to be designed and answers to our Design Dossier questionnaire; you’ll receive a digital Design Kit with everything you need (like floor plans, moodboards, paint colors, furnishings selections, and finish samples) to completely transform a room as your time and budget allows.

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