The Truth About How to Keep an Interior Design Project in Budget

Hands up if you’ve ever redecorated a room – and it ended up being waaaaay more that you had hoped to spend. You’re not alone! Here’s the truth about how to keep an interior design project in budget.

You may not like to hear it though…

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Hey everyone, Lesley Myrick here. Interior stylist and owner of Lesley Myrick Art + Design where we create some pretty awesome interiors with an offbeat edge.

I’m going to talk today about something not a lot of designers want to talk about, and that is:

how to keep a design project in budget.

I feel like “budget” is such an icky word. It sounds so restrictive, and negative, and it shouldn’t be that way when you’re talking about design. What you’re doing is making an investment. An investment in your home, an investment in your family, and an investment in the quality of your life.

And of course there are concerns with how much the investment is when it comes to design. People always ask how to keep a design project in budget, or, within the investment you hope to spend.

I have an answer for you, and I don’t know if you’re going to like it!

It’s easy to blame the designer when a project goes “over budget”. However, here’s a little real talk for you. Sticking within the amount you wanted to invest – your budget – is 100% up to you.

It is ultimately up to you, the client,

to decide what to purchase, to decide what to invest in. My job as a designer is to take care of everything on your wishlist, to show you what is out there that is gonna meet your needs, your wants, your desires, is gonna look amazing, and function for your family.

So here’s the thing about design projects.

I have never worked with anybody whose budget matched their wishlist. That’s human nature. Think of it like buying a car. You might want to invest in a Kia but everything you want is a Mercedes. It is totally in your power to decide if you want to scale down your wants and needs to the Kia, or if you want to up your budget to meet your Mercedes dreams.

I hate to say it but designers are not miracle workers. It is our job to design an amazing space that meets your wants and needs, and its your job as the client to decide what you want to invest in that.

So there you go.

There’s the truth about keeping a design project in budget – it is all in your court.

We’re going to support you the best way we can but you get to decide what you invest in your home.