Kid-Friendly Decorating That Looks Grown Up

Having kids doesn’t mean you can’t have style. It’s totally possible to decorate a kid-friendly home that’s still grown up and badass! Even with a 3 year-old, I manage to keep my house looking like adults live there, not just a pre-schooler. While part of that has to do with my obsession with decluttering (hello, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up), part of it has to do with making smart decisions when decorating. So what are my secrets to creating a kid-friendly space that still looks grown up? Glad you asked.

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Not in the mood for a video? Here are your quick takeaways:

1. Invest in a sofa upholstered in performance fabric (treated with Crypton, Teflon, or similar), leather, or faux-leather that’s durable and easy to keep clean. Kids drool. Kids spill. Kids bite your furniture (seriously). A sofa that can basically be hosed down and easily cleaned is a total game-changer with kids. And YES – you can even have a white sofa if you invest in great quality performance fabric! Game changer.

2. Find secret opportunities for hidden storage in coffee tables and accent tables. Storage is your best friend. Keep the things you need on the daily, like remotes, within reach but out of sight. Clutter is the quickest way to make a space look totally un-cool and overrun by small humans.

3. Invest in great quality paint that’s washable without showing marks. I loooove velvety matte paint, but it’s known for being rather unforgiving and showing every little mark. Better quality brands have fantastic new paint technology that allows even matte paint to be scrubbable. Hallelujah. My favorite is the Sherwin Williams Emerald paint line. Super dark colors are still a little temperamental and may show some scuffs, but light to medium hues behave beautifully.

4. Rugs made of natural fibers like jute or wool will clean better and last longer. A cheap and cheerful synthetic rug might look great, but it won’t hold up to serious scrubbing when a toddler goes doodle-happy with a Sharpie. Wool rugs are a worthy investment.

5. Use pretty storage containers, like baskets and decorative boxes, to hide stuff in plain sight. Baskets also introduce texture, pattern, and color into a room to make it more interesting. Concealed storage is your friend when kids are in the picture so you can stash toys and books in a snap.

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