Lesley’s Picks: 10 Best Tile

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been in the blog business this long without dedicating an entire post to tile. I brag on accent walls all of the time so it’s only fair that I finally give tile floors (and backsplashes) the attention that they deserve.

Now, am I suggesting that you cover the entirety of your floor in these gorgeous patterns and colors? Not exactly. What I am saying is that if you were to put one of these patterns up on the wall behind your master vanity or on the floor of your hallway bathroom, you’d stun everyone with your bold style choices. These tiles let you bring a bit of unexpected color into your home while making a BIG impact. Here are 10 of my favorite tile picks for any project you may have.

10 best tile - hip patterned tile picks from interior stylist Lesley Myrick
  1. 1. Cigar Shop Cle Tile | 2. Colonial Doble Cement Tile Shop | 3. Casablanca Green Cement Tile Shop | 4. Loft Flame Penny Round Tile Bar | 5. Iridescent Mardi Gras Squares Tile Bar | 6. Coral Bell Matte Diamond Fireclay Tile |  7. Prussian Blue Chaine Femme Fireclay Tile
    | 8. Hex Pick Up Sticks Popham Design  | 9. Plus Plus Popham Design  | 10. Maize Sabine Hill

“Lesley’s Picks: 10 Best” are roundups of my favorite home products in a range of prices. Check out the complete “10 Best” archives here, and find more furniture, home decor, and lighting I love on Pinterest.

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