Lesley’s Picks: 10 Kid-Friendly Coffee Tables to Hide All Their Crap

Kid-friendly coffee tables to hide all their crap. Clutter begone! | Lesley Myrick, Interior Stylist + Art Director

Concealed storage is like, my FAVORITE thing ever. Especially as the mom of a 2-year-old. Did you know kids have lots of stuff that needs places to live? (Which, I should add, I’m super grateful for. The toys, books, and clothes that wee little Ford Myrick enjoys, most of which have been gifted to us, are awesome.)

But let’s get real. Stuff, no matter how great, needs proper storage so that your home feels like a sacred retreat and not like the aftermath of a toy factory explosion. I’m a fan of hiding things in plain sight, and the living room is the perfect space to get creative and expand your storage options with creative furniture pieces. Here are my favorite kid-friendly coffee tables to hide all their crap.

Interior stylist Lesley Myrick's picks: 10 kid-friendly coffee tables to hide all their crap
  1. 1. Rani Metal Coffee Table | 2. Nexera Allure Coffee Table | 3. Cala Hammered Coffee Table | 4. INSPIRE Q Montrose Linen Storage Cocktail Ottoman | 5. Florenza Storage Cocktail Ottoman | 6. Indo Indigo Upholstered Storage Bench | 7. Industrial Storage Coffee Table | 8. Aeroway Rectangular Coffee Table | 9. Ritz Tondo Coffee Table | 10. Montauk Coffee Table

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Photo cred: The Everygirl