My Home Office Makeover – Before

The living room is done, the foyer is done – and in case you’re wondering, I haven’t gotten tired of those spotted walls – and it’s time to tackle the home office. I share this space with my PhD student husband Nate, so the design had to include some feminity and quirk (for me), some masculinity and a deer head (for him), and space for a lot of books. Like, a LOT of books. Those academics are not quick to let go of research material.

The previous homeowner had used this space as a family room, and it looks like it was likely originally designed  to be a formal dining room. We love the white board and batten walls, massive sliding glass door that lets in the morning light, and the fact that it’s super open to our kitchen and living room. Because we wouldn’t get the use out of a formal dining room and want to keep our extra bedroom as a guest room and future baby’s room (I said FUTURE, calm down!) it made sense to convert this large and light-filled room into the space we’d be spending most of our days in.

Here’s a peek at the empty office the day we closed on the house. This is the view from our kitchen breakfast nook looking towards the patio door:

Interior designer Lesley Myrick's home office makeover - before

Not bad, right? White walls, nice flooring, neutral curtains. We definitely had good bones to work with. My desk and the bookshelves will be on the wall on the left; Nate’s desk and filing cabinet will be on the wall on the right.

Here’s a look from in the living room (with the formerly peach wall making an appearance at the right):

Interior designer Lesley Myrick's home office makeover - before

And here’s the space viewed from the patio doors, looking into the living room on the left and breakfast nook on the right:

Interior designer Lesley Myrick's home office makeover - before

You can see how open the office space is to both the kitchen and the living room. We explored the idea of putting doors on one or both of the openings, but it just didn’t make sense. Having these openings makes the house feel larger and more spacious, especially with all the light coming in from the glass patio doors, and it made more sense to us to be able to keep our eyes and ears on our two-year-old while we’re working. (He even has a little desk in here now too!)

I’m not going to give you the full reveal yet (because we’ve still got some work to do) but here’s a look at the progress. We bought several new white bookcases; installed a corkboard wall behind my desk; and painted the ceiling a gorgeous Sherwin Williams shade called “Rainwashed“. The entire desk and bookshelf area will have a built-in look thanks to moldings from Metrie – I’ll be sharing a DIY tutorial later on – and we’re adding new crown molding to the entire room too.

Interior designer Lesley Myrick's home office makeover in Waco, Texas - Before

Nate’s side of the room has a more industrial feel, and I love the contrast of our two workspaces. Can’t wait to show you how it’ll all come together.

(In case you’re wondering what’s on my laptop screen, I was totally binging on episodes of Fixer Upper on Netflix while working. How did people use to keep themselves entertained while installing cork walls before Netflix?)