My Texas Living Room Makeover – Before

Lesley Myrick's Texas living room makeover - "before" photos | @lesleymyrick Interior Stylist + Art Director

We’re making major decorating progress on our new home, and it’s time to share my Texas living room makeover – or at least, the “before” photos.

FYI – “before” photos are totally code for “set your expectations low, people”. So yeah. Do that.

Since I haven’t shared the backstory of how we bought this home, I’ll give you the super quick version. We were pre-approved for a mortgage earlier this year, but that fell through. (Banks don’t like when you decide to be self-employed at the same time you’re applying for a mortgage.) So we decided to rent. We almost pulled the trigger on a rental, but both my husband and I got a funny feeling before we submitted the online application so we held off. We were able to work with a local Texas bank to get a mortgage in order (yay!) so Nate booked a 2-day trip to Waco to find us a house exactly 30 DAYS BEFORE WE HAD TO MOVE.

Are you following this? We had 2 days to find a house, make an offer, have that offer accepted, and have the seller agree to close in 30 days. And I wasn’t even going to get to see any of the houses in person. THE DESIGNER WASN’T EVEN GOING TO GET TO SEE THE HOUSE BEFORE WE BOUGHT IT. I was trusting Nate to make a pretty freaking big decision for us. And fast.

Let me say that God was totally on our side during this process. Because there’s no logical way that this should have worked out. I know enough people navigating the housing market and what we did is practically unheard of. Who the hell finds the perfect house in one day (it literally had everything on our “Want List” besides a fireplace), has their offer accepted after one very reasonable counter-offer and is moving in 30 days later? Thank you God. Seriously.

And obviously I have the best husband in the world, because he found a winner. It was the second house he looked at, and he knew right away that this was meant to be our home. It’s beautiful and has great bones and an awesome layout and I couldn’t be happier. I walked in for the first time on our closing day and cried. (Nicely done, Nate.)

Sidenote: Waco is INSANELY AFFORDABLE. If anyone from LA is reading, just get out now and move to Texas. I promise you’ll be happy here and you can live in a freaking palace for what you’re paying for a tiny apartment in WeHo. Or you can buy, like, five houses in Texas for what one bungalow in my Pasadena neighborhood cost. Let’s be neighbors, okay?

Alrighty, onto the good stuff. Here’s the house – specifically, the living room.

Let’s start with a terrible quality photo from the home’s Zillow listing:

Lesley Myrick's Texas living room makeover - "before" photos | @lesleymyrick Interior Stylist + Art Director

OHHH MAN. The previous homeowner was a sweet Southern gentleman, but clearly his taste and mine don’t jive. That peachy terra cotta wall color isn’t my jam. But I could make sweet sweet design love to those super tall floor length windows, crown molding, and the exposed brick half-wall. (Good bones, right? I’ve trained my husband well to spot these things.)

Here’s a look at the living room on the day we moved in:

Lesley Myrick's Texas living room makeover - "before" photos | @lesleymyrick Interior Stylist + Art Director

Lesley Myrick's Texas living room makeover - "before" photos | @lesleymyrick Interior Stylist + Art DirectorAah. That’s already better. Move that dated furniture out of the way and you can see those good bones that I can totally work with. A new paint color is going to transform this space, and I’m psyched to be partnering with Sherwin Williams on this living room makeover. (Can you guess which of these three colors we chose? Hint: here’s one of the walls now.)

Thanks for following along with my Texas home makeover. We’re updating pretty much the whole house in the coming months, so I’ve got lots of great stuff to share with you! (Wait until you see the wallpaper in the kitchen. Egads.)