5 Myths About Interior Designers, Busted

There are some common misconceptions about what an interior designer is and what they do, and I'm going to debunk them for you. So, let's take a look at five myths about interior designers that are (thankfully!) totally not true.

I wish this post would be as awesome as the Mythbusters TV show was, but alas, we won’t be blowing anything up today. There are some common misconceptions about what an interior designer is and what they do, and I’m going to debunk them for you. So, let’s take a look at five myths about interior designers that are (thankfully!) totally not true.

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Myth #1: Interior Designers Are Only for Fancy People

I’m not a fancy person – and I am an interior designer! An interior designer isn’t someone who is only here to help the rich and famous with their homes. Please don’t feel like if you’re not some hoity-toity person who has afternoon tea and a Bentley that you can’t afford an interior designer. There is a designer out there for you.

At Lesley Myrick Art + Design we work with a huge range of clients and budgets. Yes, we love those whole-home amazing turnkey projects with all the details handled from start to finish – and yes, that is a luxury service and a serious investment. But we also totally rock at two-hour design consultations which are much more accessible. I want to be able to help as many people as I can bust out of boring! No fancy people allowed.

Myth #2: Only People With Big Homes Need an Interior Designer

Of course, the bigger the home is, the more stuff there is to consider, and an interior designer can absolutely help manage all of that. But a smaller home often requires more design attention paid to it because you just don’t have the space to spare that a larger home does.

When you have smaller square footage, a designer can be a huge asset in helping you use that space as smartly as you possibly can. So please don’t feel like if you don’t have a massive home you don’t need a designer. We can help make the most of a modest space.

Interior designer Lesley Myrick is busting 5 myths about the interior design industry.

Myth #3: Designers Only Care About How Things Look

Think designers only care about trendy style, and not about function? This myth about interior designers is totally not true. Of course, interior design is an aesthetic industry. I love me some leopard print and great fabrics and vintage rugs and all the things. Absolutely! But that doesn’t mean that my number one goal when working with a client is to just make things look cool.

Interior designers are trained in space planning and human ergonomics. My favorite textbook from college is Human Dimension and Interior Space, and I still pull that sucker out all the time when I’m designing a room to figure out how many chairs can comfortably fit around a dining table or how much clearance is needed behind those chairs for people to get in and out. We are very carefully considering the needs of you as a person, the needs of you and your family, and how the whole space is going to function.

Myth #4: Interior Designers Push Their Own Aesthetic on Clients

Here’s the deal – if you could design the room by yourself, you probably wouldn’t have hired an interior designer. Part of what we do is nudge our clients out of their comfort zones into something awesome that they wouldn’t have thought of or wouldn’t have had the resources for on their own. You’ve hired an interior design expert to help you create a dreamy home, and it’s important to trust their vision and plan for your space.

There are some designers that act like it’s their way or the highway – you either go along with their vision or they drop you like a hot potato. I disagree with that approach. Ultimately with a design project, the money you spend is yours and the final decisions you make are yours.

I’m never going to make someone buy something that they hate. My job is to help push you past what you could do on your own, but not completely shove my aesthetic and my look in your face. It’s your home! And I’m here to help make your home the most kickass it can be.

Peace out, myths! Here are 5 myths about interior designers that just aren't true.

Myth #5: A Design Project Costs Way too Much Money

I will say up front that I have never yet had a client whose budget matched their wishlist. It’s human nature to have big dreams and not realize just how much is required to make those dreams a reality. (This free budget guide will help though.) When it comes down to it, you, the client, are in control of your money what you spend on your project. Our job as interior designers is to listen to you and then create a design plan that meets your needs, honors your vision, and takes all your goals for your home and your family into consideration. What’s not our job is to make that vision cheap!

Think about shopping for a car. You might dream of owning a Mercedes and you’re craving all the luxurious finishes and features that come with that car. But if you’re only willing to fork over enough for a Toyota, you’re not getting the Mercedes no matter how nicely you ask for it. That is not our job and that’s not what we can do. We’re not miracle workers! Be prepared – if you want the Mercedes life, you’ve gotta be prepared to invest Mercedes money or make some changes to accommodate your Toyota budget.

Either way, you’ll end up with a kickass home – and that’s ultimately the goal. A Toyota is still a car with doors and windows and comfortable seats and a stereo. A Toyota will still reliably drive you to work every day. It comes down to your lifestyle preferences and budget – do you want the nice and reliable Toyota, or luxury Mercedes?

You decide what to spend and you control every dollar. A designer is not going to spend beyond what you have approved and okayed. A design project does not have to cost way too much money because you’re in control. Speak up, communicate with your designer, and have conversations early and often to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to your budget and your investment for your home.

Did any of these myths about interior designers surprise you?

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5 myths about interior designers, busted.