Should I Buy a Neutral or Colorful Sofa?

Should I buy a neutral or colorful sofa? Interior Stylist Lesley Myrick has tips on choosing the right sofa and making it work in your home.

It’s the age old design question – should I buy a neutral or colorful sofa? Neutral-colored sofas are so versatile! But a bold, colorful sofa is such a statement! I’ve got some thoughts on which is best…

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So which is better – a neutral sofa or colorful sofa? This is actually kind of a tricky question to answer because there are a lot of variables involved. If you’re someone who likes to change things around a lot and get bored with design, you probably want to stick with a neutral sofa. But if you’re someone that has a favorite color – like mine, teal – and there’s just something that you love and know you’re going to be in this for the long haul, I actually think a colorful sofa can be a fantastic investment that you will not regret.

There’s definitely a temptation to stick with a safer, neutral color. I mean, after all, you can swap out pillows and throw blankets and really change the look. When you commit to a colorful sofa, say a beautiful indigo or teal or even a beautiful rust color, you’re locked in! Sure, you can switch out pillows and accessories around it, but that color is going to be the predominant focal point in your living room for the foreseeable future.

So what if a neutral sofa sounds like a safe idea, but doesn’t feel like you? In that case, I would totally recommend going bold.

I have never regretted my teal sofa, and it is such a major conversation starter. People are always impressed when you’ve got the ‘design balls’ to commit to something as large as a sofa in a really vibrant color.

Whether or not you go with a neutral or colorful sofa, the key is balance. A neutral sofa will become a total snooze-fest if you don’t have some contrasting elements to liven it up. And conversely, a bold colorful sofa is going to feel way too ‘in your face’ if your walls are bright, and your pillows, and your rug, and your accessories and everything just feels too ‘electric’ and there’s no place for your eye to rest.

To make either of these options work, you’ve got to balance them out. If your sofa is neutral then have fun with color on the pillows, or your accent rug, or even your wall color. Let the sofa set the stage and be the backdrop for the other exciting things you have going on in the room.

If you do choose a crazy fun sofa, then that is the star! And you’ll want to have other pieces in the room sit back from it a little bit. So think about incorporating black and white, wood, metals – things that are richly textured but don’t have a lot of color to them. That balance is what’s going to make everything work.

No matter which way you go, it’s all about the balance and mixing and matching color and neutrals in a way that just feels ‘right’ when it’s all put together.

I would love to hear what color your sofa is. I’m always curious to know what people are decorating with in their homes. Hop on over to YouTube and leave a comment under the video.

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