One Room Challenge: Week 3

Lesley Myrick's 2023 one room challenge living room makeover

Welcome to the One Room Challenge 2023! Over the course of 8 weeks, I’ll be completing a one-room makeover of my own living room. Follow along with all our One Room Challenge posts here.

My one-room challenge living room makeover is starting to come together – the sofa fabric has arrived, leather chairs are on order, and the fireplace mantel makeover is underway! But there’s one design decision I’m stuck on, and that’s the area rug.

Rugs function as art in a room, and I love the pattern, color, and texture they bring to a space. In my living room, both the sofa and accent chairs are upholstered in solid fabrics, and the only pattern will be on the accent pillows. The rug is the perfect opportunity to introduce some additional pattern on the floor.

Here are the 3 area rug options I’m considering, all from one of my favorite trade-only rug vendors, Jaipur Living. What do you think?

Living Room Area Rug – Option 1

Macon luxury interior designer Lesley Myrick's one room challenge living room with Jaipur Living Cardamom rug

The Jaipur “Cardamom” rug was my first choice, and has been on my moodboard for a while. I love the traditional pattern in slightly unexpected colors, and think it will be a beautiful anchor in the space. The darker colors and distressed look will also be very livable (read: will hide dirt and spills!) with kids and two cats in the house.

Jaipur Living Cardamom rug

Living Room Area Rug – Option 2

Atlanta luxury interior designer Lesley Myrick's one room challenge living room with Jaipur Living Everly rug

Oh, but pink! I’m really digging the dusty pink ground of the “Everly” area rug. The orange, rust, navy and gray accents keep from looking too sweet, and it’s a lighter and brighter feel than the first option.

Jaipur Living Everly rug

Living Room Area Rug – Option 3

One room challenge living room design with Jaipur Living Wunderkammer rug

Just for fun, I wanted to try something completely outside of my comfort zone. The “Wunderkammer” rug is unlike anything I’ve ever sourced before, for myself or for a client. I love the raised and cut pile details that make it appear woven, and the gently scalloped edge is *chef’s kiss*.

Jaipur Living Wunderkammer rug

Now the hard part – making a decision.

Next week, I’ll be sharing our fireplace mantel makeover – including something surprising we uncovered when removing the mantel!

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Lesley Myrick's 2023 one room challenge living room makeover