One Room Challenge: Week 5

2023 spring One Room Challenge by Atlanta interior designer Lesley Myrick

Welcome to the One Room Challenge 2023! Over the course of 8 weeks, I’ll be completing a one-room makeover of my own living room. Follow along with all our One Room Challenge posts here.

We’re past the halfway point in the spring 2023 One Room Challenge, and the progress on my living room is…underwhelming.

And you know what?

That’s normal. Totally normal and completely expected.


Because good design takes time.

8 weeks just isn’t a realistic timeline to transform a room. Great contractors book months out, and are worth the wait. Custom furniture can take 16 weeks (or more), custom rugs typically take upwards of 20 weeks, and these quality pieces are worth the wait. Even in-stock items can take many weeks to be delivered if white-glove delivery services need to be coordinated and scheduled.

We all love a good HGTV transformation that seems to happen overnight. What you’re not seeing are the months of behind-the-scenes preparation that’s happened ahead of time, the huge team of tradespeople involved, and the last-minute item substitutions to meet the TV production deadline. Corners are cut, quality is compromised, and – while the magic reveal moment is a good one – living with that rushed room design after the dust settles is a real let-down.

I can tell you right now that my living room won’t be complete at the end of the One Room Challenge – it will likely be a few more months before everything is put into place. And that’s even with placing some furniture orders two months before the challenge officially started!

Here’s where things stand today:

Living Room Week 5 Update

2023 spring One Room Challenge living room moodboard by Atlanta interior designer Lesley Myrick

The artwork, coffee tables, console table are existing, so there’s a win!

The new ceiling fan, Frame TV, and fireplace mantel have been installed by my handsome and handy husband, and the difference that these elements have made to the room already is massive.

The cheetah table lamp was ordered a few months ago, and while I love it, my husband doesn’t – so it may get swapped with a lamp from my office in the final design.

The magenta pillows and leopard velvet pillows have arrived, and they’re stunning! Arianna Belle is one of my favorite sources for designer pillows.

The sofa is ready to be reupholstered with a gorgeous teal faux mohair sofa fabric from Kravet – but I still have 3-4 weeks to wait before my upholsterer can even start the project. I’ve been in their queue since March. (Again, good design takes time and is worth the wait!)

The leather recliners aren’t due to be shipped until June – and they were ordered way back in February. (Broken record here – good design takes time and is worth the wait!)

Anthropologie Tufted Octavia Leopard Rug

And like most interior designers, I find designing my own home far more challenging than designing for my clients. So when it comes to the area rug, I thought I had nailed down a decision a few weeks ago

…only to find this amazing leopard rug while shopping in Atlanta this weekend. I mean, COME ON! It’s sophisticated with a fun twist – exactly what I’m drawn to as a designer.

If I had been fully committed to completing the room in 8 weeks, I would have made rushed decisions and the original rug would have already been on order – and I would’ve missed out on an option with more personality and more pizzazz, which I absolutely would have regretted.

Designing a room is an investment, and a well-thought-out design will stand the test of time and bring joy to your family for years to come. My mission is to design personality-driven, playful, and function-forward “forever homes” for professional families.

When it comes to your home, don’t rush and settle. Good design takes time, and having patience will save you time, money, and mistakes.

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2023 spring One Room Challenge by Macon interior designer Lesley Myrick