One Room Challenge: Week 6

Week 6 of the spring 2023 one room challenge by Lesley Myrick Interior Design

Welcome to the One Room Challenge 2023! Over the course of 8 weeks 6 weeks, I’ll be completing starting a one-room makeover of my own living room. Follow along with all our One Room Challenge posts here.

There are still officially two weeks left in the spring 2023 One Room Challenge, but it’s game over for me.

It was a fun challenge to attempt, but completing a design project in just 8 weeks isn’t realistic without cutting corners, rushing decisions, and making sacrifices in furniture quality or style that I’m not willing to live with. And I wouldn’t want that for my incredible clients either! Remember last week’s motto? Good design takes time.

So instead of a half-baked design created with last-minute furniture and decor items grabbed from big box stores, I’m going to hang tight and wait for my custom leather recliners to arrive and for my upholsterer to have availability for my project.

Thanks to Our ORC Sponsor

Big thanks to my sponsor Kravet for the incredible, durable faux mohair fabric that will be outfitting my chesterfield sofa. (That photo looks nothing like the actual material – it’s so plush and luxe in person, and the prettiest soft teal color.)

Here’s the vision for the living room that will come to life soon:

2023 spring One Room Challenge living room moodboard by Atlanta interior designer Lesley Myrick

There will be a big reveal of this space – just not for a while. My kitchen is also about to undergo a complete gut renovation, and I’m excited to share that with you later this year as well.

When it comes to your home, don’t rush and settle. Good design takes time, and having patience will save you time, money, and mistakes.

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Week 6 of the spring 2023 one room challenge by Lesley Myrick Interior Design