A Spunky Boys Bedroom in Waco, Texas

A colorful and eclectic boys bedroom in Waco, Texas by Lesley Myrick Art + Design

You know what’s the funnest? Designing bedrooms for kids. Saturated color? Sure. Offbeat pattern mixing? Why not! Quirky lighting and decor? Bring it on. 

I designed this bedroom space for an 8 year-old boy in Waco with the intention of having it transition him into his teenage years. The existing sturdy wood bed, nightstand, and dresser provided a solid neutral starting point to introduce some industrial and masculine elements. There’s a playful vibe, but nothing is too juvenile. And the features that are a little more youthful can easily be switched out as he grows – for example, the funky triangle wall decals behind the dresser can be peeled off and removed if they’re no longer rocking his world in a few years.

While full-service interior design is totally my jam, I love helping homeowners with smaller spaces that need a quick refresh. Sometimes a fresh pair of (well-trained designer) eyes and the right resources are all you need to transform a dull room into something dynamite. If you’ve got a room that needs a mini-makeover, let’s chat.