I’m not usually into pastels, but I’m bonkers in love with this blush and grey girls’ bedroom moodboard. (I mean, seriously, that tufted velvet sofa is amazeballs!)

This moodboard was part of a Design Kit for a fave client’s tween daughter and stepdaughter. You might have noticed on the Pinterest board below that the selections are from online retailers you’re probably already familiar with. With a DIY Design Kit we stick with retail vendors to make it easy for our clients to shop the selections on their own; and for our Design Comprehensive clients we source a lot more trade-only and custom pieces since we handle all the ordering.

I love being able to equip my cool clients with everything they need to create a kickass room – a design plan, moodboard, shopping links, floor plans, elevation drawings, and swatches. It takes the fear and guesswork out of design. You already know it’s gonna look stellar before you buy a single pillow!

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A warm and modern home office (with dark teal walls!) by interior designer Lesley Myrick

It’s a good thing I really love my home office. Because if I weren’t so crazy about it, I would totally be stealing every single design element in this warm and modern home office with dark teal walls. Yes. You heard me. DARK. TEAL. WALLS.

Ugggh. This space is going to look so good when it all comes together!

This home office design is a Design Kit

created for a cool client here in Waco. She currently works from home with beige walls, beige carpet, and a queen-size bed jammed into her modest office space. Not exactly great for space planning or productivity, right?

A warm and modern home office (with teal walls and a Murphy bed!) by interior designer Lesley Myrick

The first order of business

was to remove the bulky queen bed and install a space-saving wall bed instead. This way, the room can be converted into a guest space on rare occasions, but has so much more room to function primarily as an office.

To jazz up the bookshelves with a metallic pop

I selected my favorite metallic wallpaper for the back of the shelves. I love the way a fun pattern makes a basic bookshelf feel complete and well-styled with minimal effort.

Design selections for a warm and modern home office with teal walls

It’s not shown in the moodboard above,

but we selected a lot of cool art for the space, ranging from limited-edition framed art prints to a hilarious illustration of various breeds of dogs wearing glasses. Because if you can’t make work fun, it’s going to totally suck to be in that office every day. This room doesn’t have a large footprint but does have 12′ ceilings, so creating a colorful gallery wall above the desk will create a cool focal point and also use the height of the room to our advantage.

I love seeing these DIY Design Kits come to life.

We design, our clients make the magic happen! If you’re interested in your own custom DIY Design Kit you can find out more here.

French Eclectic Industrial Master Bedroom Moodboard | Lesley Myrick Art + Design, Interior Designer in Waco, TX

I gravitate towards interior design that blends and layers contrasting design styles, and this industrial-meets-french-eclectic master bedroom for a client in Houston, TX is no exception. When one half of the couple is into traditional, feminine French furnishings, and the other half prefers a cleaner, industrial look, my job (which I freakin’ love) is to merge and balance the two into one happy design plan.

This bedroom is gigantic and scale was mega-important when making design selections. The king-size bed needed large nightstands to feel balanced (these awesome faceted ones are actually chests of drawers so they’re quite generous in size) and the wing chairs needed some height to feel proportionate to the ultra-high ceilings. While this moodboard might look a little busy at first glance, when these furnishings are placed in the actual room there will be a lot more visual “breathing room” around everything. I can’t wait to see how this space comes together IRL.

Working virtually with clients on a Design Kit is a kickass option if you’re not in the Waco area, as everything is done via email and Zoom video calls. Clients provide measurements and photos of the rooms to be designed and answers to our Design Dossier questionnaire; you’ll receive a digital Design Kit with everything you need (like floor plans, moodboards, paint colors, furnishings selections, and finish samples) to completely transform a room as your time and budget allows.

Want your own custom master bedroom design? Here’s how to book your design package, and here’s what you need to know before your first meeting with a designer. ✌

“Romantic” and “industrial” aren’t typically two design styles that go together – but then again, I’m not your typical designer. I’m all about a quirky but livable mix of vintage and modern, rustic and polished, color and neutrals, masculine and feminine. Matchy-matchy is boring. Let’s have some fun!

This romantic industrial master bedroom moodboard was part of a Design Kit recently completed for a client and I’m digging the end result. The dusty blues and pinks are a little softer than my usual color palette of saturated jewel tones, but don’t worry – there’s still a badass edge with the edgy crank accent table and industrial drapery hardware.Throw in a Mid-Century mirror and Boho accent pillow on the bed and we’re totally in business. Too much of one look is never a good thing (hello, bad decorating catalogs) and it’s all about creating the right balance with different styles and eras. Check out all the details on this project’s Pinterest board.