What Are Your Core Values?

Before we jump into all things interior design this year, I wanted to take the month of January to give you a peek behind the scenes at Lesley Myrick Art + Design with the story of how I got started as an interior designer, and what our core values are as a company.

Did your eyes just glaze over? Core values sound soooooo boring, right?

Maybe it’s just me, but I love the power that well-chosen words have. And when it comes to business, having a clear set of values creates a filter with which we can gauge if we’re doing things right.

So what are our core values?

Adventure, Organization, and Connection.


Adventure means we’re open to new ideas, out of the box thinking, and pushing beyond the possible. Clients don’t hire us to design something they could have created themselves!


We use systems to keep projects moving, keep clients thrilled, and keep business profitable. Organization is essential for our people and projects to thrive.


We believe that authentic relationships matter and make our work meaningful. If we don’t click with our clients, then the project isn’t a success.

Your turn: what are your core values?

I’d love to hear if you have a list of values, either personally or professionally. Maybe it’s a set of three words like ours, or perhaps just one “word of the year” that you’re aiming to achieve in 2019.

Send me a DM on Instagram or a post your list of words on Facebook and let’s compare notes.

(If you’re curious, my personal word of the year for 2019 is THRIVE. Hells yes!)