Why Bust Out of Boring? Here’s My Story.

Ever wondered how to become an interior designer?

Why bust out of boring?

I’ve always wanted to be an interior designer. From a young age, I was obsessed with designing spaces (okay, just my bedroom) that looked great, were functional and organized, and made me feel awesome to be in. You know how some places just feel so…GOOD? I wanted that. To create that feeling for myself, and for everyone I knew.

I used to ask my dad to rearrange my bedroom furniture because I was too small to move it myself. And I’ve lost track of how many times I re-painted my bedroom as a teenager. (First it was peach, then sky blue with sponge-painted clouds on the ceiling, then lime green, then deep purple…)

For as long as I can remember

I’ve been rearranging rooms, painting, redecorating and reorganizing. I’m passionate about designing spaces that push past the status quo. People so often settle for safe options when decorating – they’re afraid to make a mistake, and they don’t have the confidence to let their true selves shine. I’m committed to helping people bust out of boring because life is too short to waste it with beige walls!

Loss and grief have motivated me to bust out of boring.

I lost my brother in a motorcycle accident at age 26. That unexpected loss totally rocked me. My dad worked his whole life so that he could enjoy retirement – and now he’s in poor health and unable to do so. I’ve seen so many people, family members included, not get the time or opportunities they hoped for in life. What the hell are you waiting for?

You may not get more time in the future to create a home you love.

You might not be healthy enough to enjoy your home for as long as you’d like. When it comes down to it, why would you listen to anyone else about how you design your home? Screw beige. Screw safe!

If you love teal, embrace it with an incredible teal sofa you love to curl up on with your kids. If you love pattern and color, let’s design a mix of patterns, colors, and styles that feel authentically you. Your home won’t look like every other one on the block, and that’s okay! In fact, I think it’s totally awesome.

After 10 years in the interior design industry,

working in both Toronto, Canada and Los Angeles, California, I launched Lesley Myrick Art + Design in Waco, Texas in 2015 to empower people to embrace what they love and help them bust out of boring homes. Now based in Atlanta, Georgia, I’m committed to empowering millions to bust out of boring.

You heard me. Not just a handful of clients. Not just a few thousand people on social media. Millions.

Life is too short to live with a beige sofa. If you’ve been waiting for a sign to bust out of boring and let your rad self shine at home, this is it.

Let’s bust out of boring, baby. I’ve got your back.


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