Beauty Matters

[Artwork by Kelly Rae Roberts via Pinterest]
Hello friends! I’m back from my adventures in Disneyland. Can’t wait to share photos with you on Friday! As I slowly adjust back to reality (wait, reality isn’t riding rollercoasters all day?)I thought I’d leave you with this lovely collage from Kelly Rae.
It’s true, by the way. Beauty does matter.

Happy Tuesday!

Listen to Your Heart…

Sometimes listening to your heart does take you all the way to California. And let me tell you, it’s a pretty rad adventure! Especially when the people you love make the cross-country trek to spend time with you. Sorry for the radio silence on the blog this week, folks – between Nate’s family coming to LA for a few days, a visit from our wonderful friend Lisa Francis, and preparing for my bestie Beth and her husband Scott to come visit us this Saturday for a whole 8 days (eek!) life has been pretty busy. Awesome busy, but busy.
Looking forward to sharing photos of our adventures (we’re going to Disneyland!) and more art with you soon.
 Happy Wednesday! xo


6 Reasons Why Comparison Can Wreck Your Business

[Quote via Pinterest; original source unknown]


Good morning! I’m thrilled to present a special guest post from Create Hype – a fantastic resource for women entrepreneurs. In once of their recent emails they presented a list titled 5 Reasons Why Comparison Can Wreck Your Business – and it struck such a chord with me that I wanted to share it with you here. The team at Create Hype was kind enough to even add a sixth reason, just for you!

It’s natural to compare your work to others but does it really do you any good? We argue that it does the opposite for 6 reasons.


1. You don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. Nobody is going to blog about their product flopping, how they’re struggling to pay their rent, and why they are contemplating closing their business. All you will see is the successes, the good news, and the pictures of their family.


2. Everyone has different goals. We all set individual end points and goals so there’s no point comparing where you are now to where someone else is because you don’t know where they’re going.


3. It won’t help you get out of a funk. In fact, it will likely push you further into one if you’re currently struggling with seeing your successes and feeling like you are moving onward and upward with your business.


4. Most business owners need to double their prices. Don’t assume that just because every jewelry maker you know is selling their necklaces for $20 that you can’t sell yours for $200.


5. Everyone has a unique market. Copying someone’s product or marketing techniques will get you nowhere because your market will not be the same.


6. There’s a fine line between inspiration and copying. While you may intend to be inspired by someone’s work, you run the risk of eventually being inspired ‘too much’. This can quickly lead to copying and that generally leads to legal battles, nights of tears, and your fans wondering why you’ve suddenly changed your brand and your vision.


This is not to say there is not a time and place for comparison. Certainly when doing market research, you need to look at what others around you are doing. But remember that everyone is different and you can’t declare a business ‘successful’ or ‘better than mine’ just by reading their blog and looking at their site. There is always a story going on behind the scenes.


Action: Take a week and unsubscribe, unfollow, or ignore all of the people you view as your competitors/similar business owners. Instead, spend that time focusing on your own work. You may be surprised by how much freer you feel. You may also find yourself overflowing with new ‘crazy’ ideas.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Do you compare yourself to other bloggers, artists, entrepreneurs, etc.? How do you overcome the temptation of comparison? Have you found comparison to be a positive or negative thing for your business?


Happy Wednesday!

Tips for Using Pinterest to Organize Decorating Projects

On Style Illuminated this week, I’ve shared my favorite tips for using Pinterest to organize decorating projects. If you love Pinterest but you’re not a decorista, these ideas are just as helpful if you’re organizing content for blog posts, planning a party, or just keeping track of some of your favorite things around the web. Check out the post here. xo
Happy Thursday!


10 Best Free Fonts!

[Typewriter photograph by J2Studios; rainbow background textures by Lost + Taken]
If you are a lover of Comic Sans, this post probably isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for some rad free fonts for your blog design or graphic projects, I’ve rounded up 10 of the best free fonts that I use and love. Most are available at (and if you haven’t heard of dafont before, well…you’re welcome!). Click each graphic to download the font.
Artistamp Medium

Artistamp Medium: This is a fun font to use in digital collage projects, since it really lends the look of rubber alphabet stamps.

Error: Simple and graphic. I think this font would be great on the business card of a graphic designer.
FFF Tusj: The loose and sketchy look of this font is so fun!
Honey Script: This is a sweet script that’s a little cleaner than handwriting, with a bit of a retro flair.
Impact Label: I love labelmakers. I also love labelamaker fonts. BOOM.
Le Bain au Milieu de la Fin de Apres-Midi Vers 17:49: Fun fact – loosely translated, the name of the font is “The bath in the middle of the end of the afternoon around 5:49pm“. I don’t get it. But I like it.
LesleyFont: This is one of my fave fonts because, well, it’s my own handwriting! (Seriously, how fun is that?) You can download it here.
Never Let Go: You may have noticed this lovely cursive in a lot of my blog graphics. I love its handwritten look and readability.
Pupcat: When uppercase and lowercase letters are the same height, I’m abnormally happy.
Rough Typewriter: Typewritten fonts aren’t going anywhere – and this one has just enough character and imperfections to make it interesting.


Creative peeps and font enthusiasts – what’s your favorite font? (Or just for fun – what’s your least favorite?) Do you have any fantastic resources to share in the comments?

Happy Wednesday!

Interior Inspiration from Fashion

[Images by Lesley Myrick for Style Illuminated; fashion image from Atlantic-Pacific]
In case you missed it last week, I put together a fun ‘lil post on Style Illuminated where I designed a bedroom based on a springtime outfit. (I’m no fashionista, but I sure have a soft spot for style – as evidenced by my always-evolving Style Inspiration board on Pinterest.) You can check out my sweet interior design skills here.

Happy Monday!

Beautiful Messes

Description of PhotoDescription of Photo

I’ve been hung up on this idea for a while that I need a studio. Not just want, but need. I mean, how else can you create art? It’s soooo much work to take my boxes of art supplies out of the closet and set everything up and then clean up; and when I work I awkwardly take up the entire living room floor; and it’s so messy to work with paint and spray adhesive and gel medium in my tiny, white-carpeted, one-bedroom apartment.
Writing that makes me sound like a huge whiner. Which I’ve realized, I am.

I don’t need the perfect time, or the perfect space, or the perfect supplies to create. I just need to do it. So…I’m doing it! Above are the beginnings of a few beautiful messes.

Happy Tuesday!