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Business Coaching

The Badass Biz Bundle is what I wish I had when I was starting my interior design business - the business documents (biz docs) I didn’t know I needed, plus a kickass mentor (for biz talks) to answer questions with practical, tactical advice to help me quickly and confidently launch on my own.

Enrollment is limited, and we only work with designers who are committed to success and are ready to go all-in.

Learn more about the Badass Biz Bundle coaching program here.

Free! Swipe this script to convert potential clients into paying ones.

Here's the exact script I use with potential clients on a consultation call to learn about their needs and wants, get them excited about the process, and handle any objections so they feel confident saying YES to booking a design package! It's yours, totally free. (You'll also be on the list to know when Lesley is offering business coaching again.)

Badass Biz Tips Archive

For 3 years, interior designers in all stages of business counted on Lesley's weekly BadassBizTips email to provide actionable business ideas, insights, and encouragement.

Access the entire BadassBizTips archive to help kickstart your business, motivate you through a slump, and embrace your own unique way of doing business.


Designers Getting Coffee Podcast

It's real-talk about running your interior design business with head and heart. Grab a cup of coffee and listen in to 50 episodes with honest conversations about what it really looks like to be an interior designer and business owner.

Software + Services for Designers

These are the programs, systems, and services that I use (or have used) at Lesley Myrick Interior Design and highly recommend for interior designers.

Some links are affiliate links, and I may receive a commission (at no extra cost to you). Thank you for your support!

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Featured Podcast Interviews

I've had the honor of being featured on several of the interior design industry's leading business podcasts. Listen in for actionable takeaways and real-life stories of how I built Lesley Myrick Art + Design on A Well-Designed Business with LuAnn Nigara, Business of Design with Kimberley Seldon, and Roadmap to Grow Your Business with Stacey Brown Randall.

Free Webinars

Want to know exactly how I've created my signature style and communicated my aesthetic to grow my business? Or how I've pivoted away from full-service projects to focus mainly on design? Watch these webinars with awesome advice and actionable takeaways.