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Meet Lesley Myrick

Introducing Lesley Myrick, the visionary behind her eponymous full-service boutique interior design firm nestled in Macon, GA. With a wealth of international experiences, Lesley specializes in creating personality-driven, playful, and function-forward "forever homes" tailored to professional families.

Her unique aesthetic, celebrated by renowned media outlets like My Domaine, Lonny, and InStyle Magazine, breathes new life into Southern design with bold, colorful, and collected interiors.

At Lesley Myrick Interior Design, clients experience a curated worldview and creative expertise through bespoke, full-service projects. With a focus on turnkey, multi-room interior design, Lesley infuses design principles with a fresh perspective on high design in the South.

Committed to concierge-level service, Lesley selectively accepts just 6 large-scale remodeling projects annually. Partnering with executives, doctors, business owners, and leaders across various industries, she crafts homes that reflect her clients' personalities and withstand the test of time.

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Lesley Myrick Interior Design proudly serves the middle Georgia region, including the vibrant Atlanta metro area, Macon, Warner Robins, Forsyth, and McDonough.

Beyond our local reach, we collaborate with clients across the United States and Canada, offering both virtual and in-person design services.

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