Hey Badass Design Boss,

I know that starting an interior design business is a big commitment and you're expecting BIG results. I promise to deliver on that, and here's how.

You and I will meet one-on-one twice per month for our coaching sessions (we call them Biz Talks) to walk through all of the business documents (aka. Biz Docs), help you implement them in your biz, and tackle any questions or issues you have specific to where you are in your business.

You'll also get direct email access to me between sessions to help hold you accountable to your biz goals and get your questions answered quickly.

Enrollment is limited, and I only work with designers who are committed to success and are ready to go all-in. If you're serious, read on.

Why Hire Lesley as Your Coach + Mentor?

I’ve been in the interior design industry since 2005 and have run Lesley Myrick Interior Design full-time since 2015. Before launching my eponymous design firm, I worked for and learned firsthand from two of North America’s leading interior designers, Kimberley Seldon of Kimberley Seldon Design Group (Toronto, ON) and Betsy Burnham of Burnham Design (Los Angeles, CA).

I’ve invested well over $70k of my own hard-earned money in education, training, private coaching, seminars, trade shows, legal fees, and more. I’ve invested about a million hours (probably) in real-life work experience, learning from podcasts and books, and making a TON of mistakes figuring out how to run a business.

But you know what? Mistakes are how you learn. Let’s just say, I’ve learned a lot. My degree is in interior design, not business, but I feel like I’ve earned an MBA in the school of real life!

The Badass Biz Bundle is what I wish I had when I was starting out on my own - the business documents (biz docs) I didn’t know I needed, and a kickass mentor (for biz talks) to answer questions with practical, tactical advice to help me quickly and confidently launch on my own.

Can’t wait to be part of your badass business journey!

What Does the Badass Biz Bundle Include?

Badass Biz Talks

6 months of one-on-one coaching

Nothing's gonna get you focused faster and making more progress in your new business than one-on-one mentoring sessions with someone who's walked in your shoes and built a business from scratch. I don't just talk the talk - I walk the walk. I took the leap and went full-time in 2015 - only to move across the country in 2019 and start things all over again! I know how to get a business up and running, and I want to empower you to do the same.

Badass Biz Docs

26+ Real-Life Biz Document Templates

I spent LITERAL YEARS figuring out how to organize and run a super-efficient, buttoned-up business that's profitable and makes clients super happy. I'm sharing more than 20 templates for documents that I use every day to keep projects running smoothly and keep my business growing. You get fill-in-blank templates you can start implementing right away, PLUS get access to actual examples of how I use the biz docs at Lesley Myrick Art + Design.

Here's What Badass Biz Grad Shanna Says:

Here's What We'll Cover in our Badass Biz Talks


12 Power Coaching Sessions to Start Strong

Get ready to make MEGA progress in a short time and launch a kickass business you love! We meet online via Zoom for two 50-minute calls per month. Not only will I lead you through all of the lessons and systems below, you'll also have time to get specific questions answered.

Struggling with what to charge for a project? Not sure if the kitchen layout you're working on is quite right? Wondering about how to delegate responsibilities to an assistant? Consider me your business bestie to brainstorm with and you can bet you'll walk away with actionable feedback you can implement likerightnow.

SESSION 1: Foundation
What Do You Want Your Business to Be?

SESSION 2: Your Brand + Your Business in Words

SESSION 3: Your Design Process

SESSION 4: Services + Pricing
Design Packages
Hourly vs. Flat Fee

SESSION 5: Client Intake Process
Consultation Call
Follow-up Process

SESSION 6: Project Management Software
Quickbooks Online

SESSION 7: Project Planning + Timelines
Project Timeline Chart
FFE schedule

SESSION 8: Professional Services Agreements
Agreements for consultations, full-service, and virtual design

SESSION 9: Sourcing + Margins/Markup
Go-to vendors
Building your library
Time limits
Fabulous, not perfection!

SESSION 10: Networking + Marketing
Local in-person
Be visible
Should you pay for ads?

SESSION 11: Operations Manual
Ideal client profile
Design process
Duplicate yourself, even if you’re solo

SESSION 12: Starting a Project!
The Proposal
New Client Welcome Packet

And Here Are All Your Badass Biz Docs


Fill-in-the-Blank Forms to Get Sh*t Done

You know how you don't know what you don't know? It took me YEARS of trial and error (and money!) to learn the hard way what documents, forms, contracts, and spreadsheets I needed to run a thriving, organized, and profitable business.

You'll get 26 plug-and-play templates (plus 5 bonus checklists) that you can start using ASAP to get the crazy under control and set up repeatable systems to make your life easier. You'll also get real-life, filled-in examples of how we use 'em at Lesley Myrick Art + Design. Here's what documents are currently included (and more may be added later, included with your bundle):

Asana email templates
Asana project templates
Business One-Sheet
Client Questionnaire
Consultation Call Script
Design Process
FFE Schedule
Flat Fee Calculator
Independent Contractor Agreement*
Master Project Planning + Editorial Calendar
Memo Sample Labels
Operations Manual
Photo Shoot Styling Kit
Product Tagging Labels
Professional Services Agreement for 2-Hour Consultations*
Professional Services Agreement for Design Consulting*

Professional Services Agreement for E-Design (Virtual Design)*
Professional Services Agreement for Full-Service Design*
Project Estimated Hours
Project Proposal
Quick Budget Calculator
Recommended Software I Use + Love
Room-by-Room Investment Guidelines
Swatch Sheets for Client Binder
Weekly Planning System
Welcome Packet

Bathroom Design Checklist
Consultation Kit Checklist
Kitchen Design Checklist
Site Survey Checklist
Window Treatment Checklist

*DISCLAIMER (aka. hey, you need to know this before purchasing the Badass Biz Docs): I am not a lawyer and while I have had my Professional Services Agreements reviewed by attorneys in the state of Texas, I cannot guarantee that these Agreements will be applicable in your state or country or for your purposes. You must talk to an attorney to make sure your Agreement is legally binding and protects you in the way you want to be protected. Lesley Myrick Art + Design, LLC assumes no responsibility for the use of our Professional Services Agreements templates - they are meant to serve as a starting point for creating your own Agreement only.

Here's What Badass Biz Grad Katy Says:

Let's The Design Badassery Begin!

BADASSERY (bad·ass·er·y/ˈbadˌasərē/, noun): Engaging in seemingly impossible activities and achieving success in a manner that renders all onlookers completely awestruck.

Remember when I said this was a big commitment and that I promised to deliver BIG results? Well, I totally meant it. I'm ALL IN to cheer you on and guide you toward your dreams and goals, but coaching is a two-way street. It's something you've gotta be fully committed to getting the results you want, and you've gotta do the work. Yes, it's gonna feel scary - but exciting too. It's only when we push beyond our comfort zones that the real magic happens.

My goal for you is that at the end of our 6 months together, you've not only earned back your investment in the Badass Biz Bundle but also that the huge burden of starting a business is lifted off of your shoulders and you feel fully equipped to run a thriving business like the badass boss you are!

The Badass Biz Bundle is valued at $12,000 but I'm offering it at a much, much lower rate to make it accessible to committed, kickass designers like you.


One Payment of $12,000

One Payment of $4899

6 Payments of $2100

6 Payments of $847

(Pssst...not totally sure if the Badass Biz Bundle is the right fit for you? Schedule a complimentary consultation call with Lesley instead to see if we're a great fit and get your questions answered. We also now offer the Badass Biz Talks and Badass Biz Docs separately.)